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A New Place to
Stop for GA News

I received a tip today from a reader on a new general aviation news aggregator site that I believe shows real promise.

If you are like me and spend a good bit of time each day jammng through RSS feeds and a number of bookmarked aviation sites, then Cleared For News might just be for you:

Clearedfornews.com is a simple concept: News articles from all over the web are brought onto the site's upcoming news section where readers of the site have the opportunity to vote "up" the stories they like. The stories are found by site developer Matthew Moore, or submitted by readers and bloggers. The most popular stories "voted up" make it to the "Front Page", and on each article, you can have a discussion with other readers of the site in the forum section. And of course, you can subscribe to a feed of news in your favorite RSS reader.
Moore, a web developer who spent two years working inside the cutting edge world of Google, is assisted by two partners. He's been an aviation enthusiast since early in life when he watched his father take flying lessons in yummy S.F. Bay Area flying places like San Carlos and Palo Alto. While at "The Google", there was a healthy pilots luncheon group there, which was very cool, but Moore decided recently he really wanted to do my own thing.

From his base in Berkeley, Moore watched his love of aviation move to the next level when his dad just bought a Peterson 260SE, one of the coolest 182 conversions out there today. Just spending time around a 260 HP Skylane with a canard wing hanging off the cowling would make anyone want to launch an aviation web site, I guess.

So check out clearedfornews.com, sign up for a free account and begin voting for the stories there. That way, you can quickly go to their front page and read the top stories and blog posts out there, without all that fuss and muss of actually having to spend wasted hours finding them yourself. If you save some time each day, promise me you'll spend those precious minutes at the airport learning to fly, polishing your bird or just drinking coffee and telling hangar flying stories.

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