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New PR Voice at AOPA

When AOPA talks about weather related issues in the coming months and years, it will not be by accident, and will be with far greater authority then ever before because they've made a valuable addition to their media team:

Seasoned pilot and public relations professional Greg Romano has joined AOPA as its vice president of public relations. He brings more than 20 years of public relations experience, most recently at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Romano is an instrument-rated private pilot with a true understanding of general aviation. Prior to joining AOPA, Romano was director of public affairs at NOAA’s National Weather Service, where his responsibilities included working with aviation organizations on weather-related issues, serving as the National Weather Service’s spokesman to national and local media, and managing crisis communications, news conferences, and other media events.
Romano adds even more experience to an already stellar team that has on their plates one major role:
He [Romano] will oversee AOPA’s media and public relations department, with responsibility for promoting a positive image of AOPA and general aviation to the public, presenting AOPA’s position on issues through media interviews and outreach, and managing AOPA Project Pilot and AOPA’s presence at aviation events and airshows.
While having never met Romano, I am confident he and I have lots in common, both of us being "media guys". I'm sure he knows more about fonts then Average Joe, and can hold his own while photo editing. But one thing clearly jumped out at me when I read his announcement story today at aopa.org, and that was the way we would both view a job at AOPA HQ:
"He looks forward to putting his public relations skills to work in the aviation industry, and considers his new position at AOPA a 'dream job,'" said Karen Gebhart, AOPA executive vice president of communications.
Since discovering AOPA and attending my first Expo in Palm Springs in the late 90s, I have always been seriously impressed with everything anyone in that organization does. In those days before I opened our aviation ad agency, my "dream job" was to earn a spot on AOPA's team to help Phil Boyer and his hand-picked crew spread the word about GA.

Because of the way I feel about the organization, I am sure I could have contributed a great deal to their effort. I believe that enthusiasm for promoting GA is contagious, and nowhere else in the land – with the only two exceptions being EAA and NBAA HQ – could a creative like myself get the chance to shout about aviation from the largest GA soap box there is.

So congratulations, Greg, on achieving a dream.

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