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Endless Information
at Your Fingertips

I have just discovered an Internet site that simply blows me away. It is not just focused on aviation, but there are plenty of good aviation articles and bits of information in their seemingly endless database. The site is called Associated Content, aka The People's Media Company.

What makes this site so unique IMHO is that just about every aspect of your life is covered here, with articles written by everyday people. This is what you get when you set out to develop a site that counters what the mainstream media is doing:

Associated Content (AC) is a platform that enables everyone to publish their content in any format on any topic and then distributes that content to engaged audiences through its website and content partners. Those who contribute to Associated Content's ad-supported collection of original text, video, audio and images gain exposure and often earn cash for their participation. Since AC was founded by Luke Beatty in 2005, The People's Media Company has grown exponentially. Today, with its vast library of unique multimedia content, diverse community of Content Producers and scalable platform, Associated Content provides consumers, brands and publishers with a wide range of quality content.
I cannot tell a lie, I have been picked up as a Content Producer for AC. Becoming an AC Content Producer means I have to heavily research my articles, and format them exactly as they wish. It has not been an easy learning curve, but I'm getting there.

After doing my homework, I believe their site offers a great deal of increased exposure for general aviation. If I can snag a few non-flyers to stop and read about GA long enough to make then drive out to the little airfield at the edge of town and ask around about starting flying lessons, my job will have been done.

So stop by Associated Content and run a few searches and have a blast. I am very excited to have discovered this site, and I suspect you will be too.

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