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Media Frenzy Over
Hillary's "Flight
Attendant Moment"

First out of the gate, let me say to my readers, this post is NOT about Senator Hillary Clinton, the candidate. It is about the crazy way our mainstream media is covering her campaign. I personally have no problem with Hillary or her candidacy – my guy is Senator John Edwards – so please do not translate this into some sort of hatchet job on Clinton.

Yesterday, a few stories started surfacing around the Internets about how Hillary played flight attendant aboard her campaign's newly-chartered 787-800. She grabbed the mic in the front of the cabin, and in her best flight attendant voice, addressed the media on board with a few quips, found below. It was a moment of silly humanity for Hillary, known possibly without justification as some sort of cold woman with no heart...not the case I am sure. There is video of it here on youtube.

As the plane was departing Las Vegas en route to Reno, Hillary said this over the intercom in the cabin:

"Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, and welcome aboard the maiden flight of Hill Force One. My name is Hillary and I am so pleased to have most of you on board. FAA regulations prohibit the use of any cell phones, Blackberries or wireless devices that may be used to transmit a negative story about me. In a few minutes, I am going to switch off the 'Fasten Your Seat Belt' sign. However, I've learned lately that things can get awfully bumpy when you least expect it — so you might want to keep those seat belts fastened. In the event of an unexpected drop in poll numbers, this plane will be diverted to New Hampshire. If you look out from the right, you will see an America saddled with tax cuts for the wealthiest and a war without end. If you look out from the left, you will see an America with a strong middle class at home and a strong reputation in the world. Once we've reached cruising altitude, we'll be offering in-flight entertainment: my stump speech. Once again, thank you for joining us on Hill Force One. We know you have choices when you fly, and so we are grateful that you chose the plane with the most experienced candidate."
See, just a little fun out on the campaign trail to liven up the atmosphere. But instead of just having a chuckle, the obviously story-starved MSM went into overdrive releasing this bit as if some starlet had strapped her kids to the top of her Bentley with bungee cords and was speeding down Hollywood Boulevard drinking Jack Daniels and screaming obscenities out the window. I am sickened daily when I see vicious mobs of paparazzi stalking celebrities, fighting one another to snap a photo of Britney or Lindsay or Angelina shopping for socks or picking their nose:
But you would think the media "professionals" on Hillary's campaign plane are above that same "feeding frenzy" mentality that has all but ruined the respectability of most if not all mainstream media outlets today. The fact that any one of them ran with the story of Hillary's moment of humor was surprising, it was not news, it was life happening before their news noses. But as is the case with the MSM these days, the minute one wire service or TV channel releases a story first, all others go freakin' crazy trying to copy that news and "one-up" the originator of the story, going "in-depth" or "behind the scenes" or shouting BREAKING NEWS across the crawl at the bottom of their screens.
Today, Google News uncovered 5,081 stories for "Hill Force One", an unbelievable amount when you look at the troubling times we live in. Maybe if the MSM stopped reporting every second of every day of every candidate as "news", we could all focus on some serious issues facing our country. That is, at least until Britney gets caught without undergarments again, in which case there will again be film at 11 of this massive BREAKING NEWS event.


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