11:16 PM

Forget Old School, This Time I'm Trying New Media

Many of my readers may already know about my eight years of work trying to bring to the world the fantastic tale of Jerrie Mock's solo around the world flight in 1964. She accomplished this enormous feat to become the first female pilot to complete that mission:

The great news is that Jerrie is being inducted into the Women in Aviation Pioneer Hall of Fame at their annual conference in San Diego on March 15th, 2008. But unfortunately, the national maintream media has still not yet discovered this story. It is very frustrating because as my regular readers know, I feel Jerrie Mock ought to be considered to be as important to aviation history a Charles Lindbergh or Amelia Earhart.
In order to try and bring national exposure to my project, I have produced a short YouTube video that will explain a little bit about her flight and tell why I've pushed so hard for so many years to get this story told.

The video is below, enjoy and pass this link around to your friends:


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