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Real Pilot Stories

In searching the Internets tonight for something juicy, I headed over to AOPA to drill down and see what gems I could come up with. As with most content-rich sites like AOPA, you will be astonished at what is buried deep within those links:

The AOPA Air Safety Foundation's Real Pilot Stories are true accounts of a good flight gone bad. Listen to pilots who really have “been there, done that” (and survived) tell their harrowing tales in hopes of helping the rest of us become better pilots. All presentations contain audio. In order to view the presentations, a Flash plug-in is required.
Let's take a look at what they are offering:
Toddler Overboard!...A three-year-old accidentally opened the door at 10,000 feet.
Aircraft: Cessna 401

Three Seconds, Three Choices...Relinquishing PIC authority is never a good idea.
Aircraft: Vans RV

Power Loss on Takeoff...When the engine quits at 200 feet, there’s not much time to decide.
Aircraft: Piper Lance

VFR in a Snowstorm...Emergency landing on a snowy, muddy road near Wooster, Ohio.
Aircraft: Cessna 172

Iceman...In-flight icing encounter near Bedford, Pennsylvania.
Aircraft: Cessna 172

Cemetary Crash...A catastrophic engine failure near Knoxville, Tennessee.
Aircraft: Beechcraft Bonanza

Snake in the Airplane...In-flight distraction near Gallipolis, Ohio.
Aircraft: Piper Cherokee (PA 28-140)

Mountain Crash...Density altitude accident in Bonners Ferry, Idaho.
Aircraft: Cessna 172

Prop Attack!...A hand-propping accident near Swansboro, North Carolina.
Aircraft: Cessna Cardinal (C177)
So pop open a cool one, put yer' feet up on the desk and enjoy a bit of good ol' fashioned hangar flying, courtesy of AOPA.

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