More Fun With Google Earth

11:08 AM

If you have ever played around with Google Earth, you know the possibilities to which you can "mash it up" are truly endless. Recently I found one of the coolest mashups around, courtesy of the good folks at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA):

NOAA's new KMZ Generator allows you to select from a long list of "KMZ" files which do amazing things when opened up in Google Earth. For instance, one that I tried and love overlays NOAA's superb RIDGE radar over Google Earth, and then refreshes when you launch G-Earth later.
This functionality really makes G-Earth even more enjoyable then before. Here is what you do:
Go here and make your selection from the choices on the pull-down menus and click the submit button. That will create a compressed file ending in "kmz". You will be then asked to open or save the file. Selecting "open" will uncompress the file within your default KML/KMZ application. Or, you can "apply" an application to open the file (open in?) and select Google Earth. When the app opens, you will see the current radar returns laid atop the part of the globe they cover. Do this for the entire country and you have one of the finest Radar research environments the public can access.
NOAA says the KMZ files also work in:
NASA WorldWind viewer

ESRI’s ArcGIS Explorer

Keyhole 2 LT and Keyhole 2 NV
That is today's weather tip. And today I really need some good news regarding the wx. I canceled an outdoor photo shoot for the 4th time because both myself and the subject - a high time CFI-I who can be considered a wx expert - thought KEUG was going to be fogged in today just like yesterday. As I stare out the window into clear blue skies, I am truly bummed...

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