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Now Anyone Can Travel
Like a Rock Star

A while back, I wrote on this blog about being No. 11 on the overbooked list for my flight from SFO back to EUG. As I fumed about this bizarro system of commercial air travel we have to endure, I began to think of a better way to get around by air.

Of course, the easy answer to this riddle is to just jump in Katy, our 235 and go. But not everyone has a Katy waiting in a hangar just seven short miles from their doorstep. So as I sat at SFO fuming, I thought about all the people out there who must be wanting something better then what we are getting from the airlines.

I began to think about the Hollywood producers and CEOs who blast off midweek to ski in Aspen, before jaunting to Fiji for a weekend of sunbathing and Coladas. With increasing regularity, we see the numbers of these high-end charter customers growing as people get fed up with what the airlines call "service". And on ramps across America, their chartered mega-million-dollar bizjets will soon be joined by "very light" and "personal" jets that are now entering into service as this exodus from the Big Airlines continues.

But realistically, we all cannot afford to fly by expensive aircraft charter. As I sat at SFO waiting for United to figure out how to stuff 11 more humans then there were seats into a Regional Jet, I pondered what would happen if the cost of real private air charter ever dropped to a price point that was affordable to all of us. Crazy concept to be sure...air charter has always been wildly spendy...or so I thought:

Stratus Alliance is a network of independent, FAA-certified charter operators strategically placed around the country that all fly new Cirrus SR-22 GTS aircraft. By capitalizing on the efficiency of the SR-22, Stratus Alliance is able to book what they call "destination direct®" charter flights for up to three passengers per flight to nearly all of the small municipal airports within their service area. Now it is possible to charter an entire airplane flown by a professional pilot for well under $500 per flight hour for up to three passengers.
Whoa. Just think what you could do if you had a slick new Cirrus available with just a click of the mouse:
The use of the smaller airfields surrounding every city in the land is the new secret weapon of Stratus Alliance's business travelers. When the competition is stuck at the gate while the airline tries to decide if they should cancel their flight, the savvy Stratus network traveler will have already launched for a flight to a small airport just a few miles from where they need to be. When the other guys are trapped on the tarmac awaiting push back, the people who arrived via chartered SR-22 will have already closed a couple of morning deals and are making plans to celebrate over lunch. This, my friends, is what productivity is all about!
As more and more people discover the ease and affordability that comes from flying single-engine air charter, I fully expect the Stratus Alliance network to blossom into a nationwide powerhouse. Right now, medium-sized corporations can only afford to fly their upper management via private air charter, while their sales, technical, engineering and support personnel must roll the dice and put up with the undependable schedules that comes with flying commercial. As more of these companies realize they can now get their key personnel on site quickly with a "moment's notice" flight booked through Stratus, we'll begin to see a whole new level of competitiveness evolve.

Believe me, this is the future of air charter. Visit the Stratus Alliance website here or call their 24/7 Call Center at 866.366.0819 to learn more.

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