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Oh, Those CRAZI Fix Names

I have always heard that the FAA has a bit of a sense of humor when it comes to naming fixes and intersections, so I wasn't all that surprised tonight when I traveled down the "information superhighway" and looked up some of the more colorful ones. Here are a few ripped from a number of forums and discussion groups – mixed with a few of my own, just to keep you on your toes:

There used to be a SEXXY near ORD, but you might think it would be better suited for somewhere just east of Reno, near the Mustang VOR. There, you might fly direct HOOKR before being routed across VIXEN to a hold at DONGS. If you fly over MILLR or LYYTE near Houston, you might get thirsty, and may need some ADVLL in the morning because you flew too long over DRUNK which is located near BOS for obvious reasons. And if you are nearing ITAWT, ITAWA, PUDDY, TAATT, you are nearing Pease International Tradeport in New Hampshire.
The more you dig, the more you find...that, my friends, is how the Internets work:
You might get a hold at SATAN before getting cleared direct via OSAMA. Back inbound to New Jersey, you will fly over HOWYA or DOOIN...a couple of final approach fixes near EWR. Of course, you would expect TWAIN to be near Hannibal Missouri and PICKN, GRNIN and HEHAW to be near Nashville International Airport. You might not know where FUBAR is, but it is a pretty sure bet RIBBS is near Kansas City.
And if you think the FAA has the franchise on these humorous fix identifiers, you'd be wrong. Around the world, there are plenty of ones worthy of note:
It must have been a couple of stooges that named CURLY, LARRY and MOOWE just west of Perth, Australia. And the aeronautical chaps over in Brisbane must have a thing for the sea, clearing their pilots direct to LEAKY, BOATS and SINNK. Oh those Brits, they like their pints, and will fly over GINIS or LAGER outbound towards Scotland where they fly inbound over TARTN or TWEED. And those jolly lads in Gatwick have made their charts look like a forest, with fixes named ACORN, ASPEN, BEECH, CEDAR, ELDER, HOLLY, MAPLE. OLIVE, SHRUB and WILLO.
Yes, my flying friends, this fix naming stuff is mighty fun. Of course, I can almost guarantee that even without spying a chart, you can expect to find BRATS and BEERS near at least one very important Wisconsin city. Betcha can't guess which one...

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