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Chinooks as Playthings?

Now I will admit that I've never picked up a copy of the London Daily Mail, so I can't tell you if it is a straight-up media source, or a tabloid. I am sure any British readers will set me straight on that.

But in my nightly scour of the Internets tonight, I stumbled upon a couple of stories out of the U.K. that if true, are sad but at the same time kind of funny, in an arrogant sort of way. Both of these tales are about Prince William, who I'll admit to knowing very little about...except that he is a pilot and that makes him welcome in my world. But you might agree after reading this from The Mail's web site that his decision making skills may need work:

"The head of the RAF has "erupted" with rage over revelations Prince William landed a £10million RAF helicopter in girlfriend Kate Middleton's backyard during a military exercise. Air Chief Marshal Sir Glenn Torpy is said to have been furious at the 'sheer stupidity' of the situation and demanded a "line-by-line" explanation from subordinates."
According to The Mail – and again I do not know if this is fact or fable – they say Middleton and her parents "watched in delight" as the Prince practiced take-offs and landings in the yard of their sprawling home in Bucklebury, Berkshire. Even if this was an "official" training exercise, you have to admit it takes a pretty big set to drop in on your lady in a CHINOOK! What, there was no shining armor handy?

And lest you thinkith this diversion was a "one-off" escapade, Young William seems to be getting pretty used to jaunting around the Isles in a monster twin-rotor chopper. While the backyard sortie into lovely Kate's garden was amusing, this, if true, is NOT excusable. Again, from The Mail:
"Details of the two-hour stunt emerged just days after the prince was heavily criticised for using a Chinook to fly himself and brother Harry to a stag weekend on the Isle of Wight. Last week it emerged that after getting his much-coveted wings, William flew a Chinook to London and landed at Woolwich, where he picked up his brother and fellow army officer Harry. They then flew to the Isle of Wight where their cousin Peter Phillips, the son of Princess Anne, was enjoying a weekend-long stag party. The flight enabled them to spend an extra five hours touring the pubs of Cowes where at one point rowdy revellers pulled down William's trousers."
From a quick glance around the British media tonight, there seems to be no shortage of bad vibes about one of the most visible of the "Royals" blasting off across the lush English countryside chasing way more then hamburgers...all on the taxpayer's dime. I can see no way this ends well for the reputation of the dashing Prince, who might want to just BUY HIS OWN CHINOOK with the spare change his Grandma has stashed under those gilded throne cushions at any of the many palaces and castles that her family calls home.

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