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Some Ideas Deserve
Worldwide Greatness

A couple of weeks ago, I met Juice Welch, a twenty something demo pilot for Cirrus Design. She had so graciously delivered a gorgeous new silver SR-22 G3 to a video shoot for us, and Reedley Municipal was her fourth (or fifth?) stop of the day.

You could tell this pleasant young woman was a true aviator when she rattled off her itinerary for the day...SMO to San Carlos, over to Livermore for lunch, back to SMO and then up to Reedley...arriving about :30 seconds before her scheduled ETA.

Juice – she was allegedly only called Chelsea for about a minute after birth – hung out with us for a couple of days, and even helped as the "pilot" in the video. But as we were trying to find some sort of shade, I glanced down and noticed a really attractive pilot's watch on her arm. I am not a watch afficianado, but it is kind of cool to check out some other person's wrist E6B:

As I privately stared at Juice's wrist, I couldn't quite make 2 + 2 equal 4. Here was this major-league, fighter pilot-ish, multiple time zone, super groovy, flight calculating, chronometer, but it looked...like a woman's watch. It had a really attractive leather strap that didn't look like it was hand-carved from the northbound end of a southbound alligator...no, this watch was beautiful. It was feminine, but also functional for its pilot owner. I had to ask...
Sure enough, what Juice was wearing was the "Amelia", from a company called Abingdon Watches. I commented that a really serious pilot's watch designed just for women was an great idea, and I wondered out loud who the brilliant person was that dreamed this watch design up.

Juice replied "I did", with a bit of a grin. You see, this wasn't just a fashion statement, or a really swell way to time a procedure turn. Abingdon Watches was HER company...from her web site:
"With Abingdon Watches, Chelsea “Juice” Welch, a Santa Monica, Calif.–based pilot, has launched the first company dedicated to developing top-quality, realistically priced watches to meet the needs of female pilots, mechanics and adventurers all over the world. Abingdon Watches began as a dinner conversation between a mix of energetic women pilots and airplane mechanics. Welch listened as her colleagues repeatedly expressed their desires for a fully functional aviator’s watch that is fashionable, versatile and, most importantly, made for women. In that moment, Juice decided to form the first company dedicated to developing top quality, realistically priced watches to meet the needs of female pilots, mechanics, and adventurous women all over the world."
When you think about it, this really makes perfect sense. Juice's reasoning behind starting a watch company when many in her demographic are still "figuring things out" is best said in her own words:
"Act as though it were impossible to fail and use the tools necessary for you to accomplish your goals. When I was a child and I told people I wanted to fly, people would ask me why. I asked them, “Why not?" And nowadays, when people ask me why I started a watch business for female pilots, I still reply back with, “Why not?” There is nothing you can’t do as long as you act as though it were impossible to fail."
Juice asks on her site "If you went jogging you wouldn't wear a man's running shoe. So why would a female pilot buy a watch designed specifically for a man?" The gal does have a point, doesn't she?

If you have a significant other that is a woman who flies (or wants to fly), I can GUARANTEE you big Brownie points if you buy her one of Juice's watches. Or if you are a female pilot yourself, trust me, you want one of these watches.

Yes, this is a sales pitch, and no, I get nothing but satisfaction out of every sale. I barely even know Juice [however she does solidify my theory that I will never meet a Cirrus driver that isn't way cool]. But I believe this is such a great idea, if I were an investor with a boatload of spare change, I'd be on the phone yesterday asking how I could pump enough "support" into this smart company to launch it to the highest of levels of the worldwide watch market.

For more information on the coolest watch out there made "for women, by women", contact Abingdon Watches at (310) 736-5673 or visit www.abingdonwatches.com.

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