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Why I Blog
(Editor's note - this is a re-post from a while back - dan)

I received a long email from a frustrated reader recently who wants to "unsubscribe" from World of Flying due to a laundry list of issues far too lengthy to address here. Absolutely no skin off my nose – my readership continues to grow daily – but it made me think about why I pound out near daily posts and rants mixed with a little poked fun once in a while.

One of this reader's main concerns was lack of a "comments" section. Well...

I turned off comments long ago after finding no real solution to prevent dope dealers from trying to sell me knockoff Viagra, and Nigerian zillionaires sending me invitations to "help" them take a few million out of their country. Of the one occasional real comment I received, I got about 10 spam comments. Sad to say, nothing in the Blogger system seemed to work to prevent this. So I choose to just make a nice clean "Email Me" link, so that when people really had something to say, they could reach me.
Another peeve of this reader was my left leaning slant on things. He actually said my rants were "tiresome and sound sadly similar to Rush Limbaugh, just from the other side." While I freely admit to my progressive take on politics, the readers who have contacted me thanking me for this slant outnumber those who don't by about 10 to 1. The great thing about being a blogger is that you get to exercise your freedom of speech daily and effortlessly, and I do so without remorse. And the best thing about being a blog reader is the ease at which you can CHANGE THE CHANNEL when you don't like what you are reading:
This is how I see politics on the blogs: There are now so many blogs out there on the Internets, you can find one for anything you choose. Save the whales, nuke the whales, there is a blog meant just for you. So when you run across one that tilts in a direction you do not, it is really, really easy to click through to one that does.
I blog because I love to tell flying stories. The frustrated reader tells me that my recent posts about Katy – our family 235 – made him run to open a copy of Controller for a little airplane shopping, a compliment I really enjoyed to read. I believe the most important job that my blog can do is inspire people to learn to fly. Those happy flying tales they see on WoF really do make me warm and fuzzy inside when I write them. But if all I wrote was warm and fuzzy, I'd get complaints that I didn't write enough flames of BushCo and his band of GOP cronies.

Trust me, it is very hard not to hurl daily word attacks at an administration run by a frat boy that tells the Pope he made an "awesome" speech. It takes great restraint not to bash those who think $114 for a barrel of dead dinosaurs really is sweet for crude. The GOP gives us bloggers so much good material each day, it is hard sometimes to think [or blog] about anything else.

I blog because it is simply a blast. The aforementioned frustrated reader might actually think I take this stuff seriously, which I do not, trust me. Blogging to me is a way to give my brain a few minutes off from reality, and if I yank a few chains, so be it...isn't that the very essence of the First Amendment? I do not plan to change the world with this blog, I'd be elated to just push a few souls out to the airport on the edge of town so they can take that first flight lesson.

But in the interest of proving I don't have thin skin, Mr. Frustrated Reader did make some very valid points, some of which I take to heart. So you will find a nice fat "FEEDBACK" button in the upper right part of this page. Click that and you're compliments [or flames] will get delivered straight to my inbox. Send me spam and I will promise to send you back boatloads of bad karma, and believe me when I tell you...my bad karma is REALLY bad.

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