7:20 AM

Don't Lose Control

That's the advice of the National Air Traffic Controllers Association (NATCA) in a new TV spot they have produced to raise public awareness about the lack of interest Bush's FAA has in your air safety.

I watch the Youtube video below and wonder just how far we have to fall before anyone in Washington cares enough to make ATC staffing a priority equal to blowing up stuff in Iraq.

That ridiculous war has been sold to us because it is for our safety, which is precisely what our NATCA members want...to have decent working conditions so they can keep America safe.

So much for the fairy tale that is compassionate conservatism. All I can hope for today is that NATCA has Barack Obama's phone number, because they are going to need it after May 20th when Oregon helps seal this nomination deal once and for all. I really had hoped HRC could make a run for it, because a strong woman is what WDC needs right now to slap them back into submission. But it looks like it'll be Obama vs. Saint McCain in the general, which ought to be an easy 60/40 win for Barack, unless of course the voters of our country have gone mad.

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