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You, With the Pen,
Stop and Listen...

If you can tell me what the AP Stylebook is for, chances are you have had some journalism training in your life. If you know that you are supposed to spell out numbers one through nine and use numerals for 10 or more, and if you – like all aviators – crave Bratwurst and airplane fumes towards the end of July, then this post is for you:

Aero-News Network is once again accept applications for stringer positions, for their coverage of EAA Airventure Oshkosh 2008. If you have a background in college journalism, a pilot's license or a strong will to get one, and a thirst for knowledge, ANN is inviting you to see Airventure "from the inside" if you can write and are handy with a camera.
If this sounds like a great way to experience the finest air show in the world, ANN wants you:
"This year, we're looking for print writers, of course, as well as photographers...but we're especially seeking people with broadcasting skills, in either radio OR television/video production -- including people with experience in shooting and/or producing video segments. At events like Oshkosh, we work in shifts to cover the most ground, have time to write it all up, and to digest the work in an efficient flow. There'll be plenty of fun to go around, as we cover hundreds of vendors and thousands of aircraft, pilots, and builders."
And if you do great work for ANN, you might just become a part of their "A" team:
"While we're eager to speak with all people who apply for special events coverage, we're also looking for people who may be interested, down the road, in becoming a full-or-part-time ANN staffer. Events like Oshkosh (and NBAA, and AOPA Expo, and AEA, and Copperstate, and Reno...) provide fantastic on-the-job experience and training for what the ANN staff does every single day of the week. We're looking for a real "team" player...someone who thinks outside the cockpit, as it were, and isn't afraid to share new ideas... no matter how crazy they may seem."
So you say journalism is not your thing? If you have boundless energy and want to help one of the finest aviation news sites in Wisconsin this summer, they may have you in their sights:
"We also need a high-energy "gopher" for Oshkosh -- someone who can be counted on to run the numerous errands, arrange some meetings, and keep us up to date on whatever we may be missing."
If any of this sounds interesting, email ANN's Editors here and send them story and photo samples, a little background and what your spring summer 2008 availability will be. If you have audio or video skills, send them clips of your work and also a list of the software and equipment that you're comfortable working with.

I have been a paid journalist and freelance writer for 30 years, and have worked in just about every part of the journalism food chain, from Sports Editor to photographer to magazine designer to Public Information Officer. I know good journalism when I see it, and ANN is the real deal. The people that put this site out are real reporters, a far cry from many blogs – including my own – that just comment on the aviation world at large instead of burning virtual shoe leather chasing down a story.

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