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Today I received word that Business Jet Traveler Magazine has their new online version live, and it is beautiful. That should come as no surprise to anyone who has ever opened their slick, polished and highly refined print version. While there are many different aviation publications out there, the quality levels vary greatly...and I should know:

As the owner of an aviation ad agency, we buy media in many different aviation publications across the country every month. As a result of that – and also being highly visible in our sector for over 10 years – we are comped just about every av publication out there. Not a day goes by that our mailbox doesn't have at least one magazine in the day's delivery with an airplane on the cover...a good thing if you are me. There are a few "must read" issues that we get, and of course, AOPA Pilot is my top choice as a strong supporter of that group. But the one magazine that always catches my attention and refuses to give it back is BJT...Business Jet Traveler.
BJT print and online – as their name implies – covers the business jet world to perfection. If this is your area of interest, only Aviation International News comes close to the levels of journalistic expertise that you will find in BJT. That shouldn't be of any surprise once you see that both publications are produced by the same company:
Founded in 1972 by aviation editor James Holahan and publisher Wilson S. Leach, The Convention News Company published its first issues of NBAA Convention News at that year's National Business Aviation Convention in Cincinnati, Ohio. The company publishes Aviation International News, a monthly trade publication widely called "AIN,", as well as the company’s newest publication, Business Jet Traveler, is written for the users of business aircraft—those riding in the cabin—providing them with the information they need to maximize their investments in private air transport. In addition to AINalerts and AINonline, the company's other Web-based product is AINtv (www.aintv.com). AINtv provides daily video news reports from the conventions and airshows where The Convention News Co. publishes on-site issues.
If you have even a passing interest in bizjets large or small, the companies that make them, the people who fly in them, or the many advantages of owning one, I urge you to go here and check out BJTonline. I can guarantee that if private jets get your heart racing, this will be time well spent.

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