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This is the time of the year when all aviation news gathering outfits have their throttles firewalled. And because there are so many "boots on the ground" right now in the Land of Cheese and Brats, juicy bits of news from EAA Airventure are coming at us fast from everywhere on the web.

Over at AOPA, their daily Oshkosh news can be found here, and today's dose had the following:

"Lycoming is entering the light sport aircraft (LSA) arena. At Oshkosh, the company unveiled a new fuel-injected engine, a derivative of a model well known to general aviation. Dubbed the IO-233-LSA, the four-cylinder engine produces 100 hp at 2,400 rpm and has a 2,400-hour TBO. The engine is rooted in the familiar 235-model line, but the company took several steps to save weight with lighter parts. The engine has a dry weight of 200 to 210 pounds and burns 5.25 gph at 75 percent power."
Yes, is is this kind announcement that makes the GA world go 'round in late July. This LSA Lycoming might be great news for all of us, but I suspect it might not be party time at Rotax.

And as we all hoped, one of today's most exciting jet projects made an appearance at Wittman Regional Airport. Below, EAA's Airventure own extremely capable news and photography teams spotlight today's biggest happening at the show:
"Barely three weeks after its maiden flight, the Cirrus Vision SJ50 single-engine personal jet arrived at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2008 Wednesday for its world debut. The red and white V-tail single-engine jet made a low pass along the flightline before landing and taxiing up to a hero's welcome at AeroShell Square. EAA President and AirVenture Chairman Tom Poberezny welcomed the SJ50 to the fly-in and congratulated Cirrus Design co-founders Alan and Dale Klapmeier, who've been coming to the fly-in for 32 years, on their achievement. "I almost can't describe how excited it is to show this airplane to you here at this place. This is the greatest place in the world to be this week of the year, and for us this is a very long time coming, because it takes Cirrus to the next level," Alan Klapmeier said."
And back at AOPA's news page, Thomas Haines tells us why Diamond is still one of the most forward-thinking GA makers out there:
"Diamond Aircraft is proposing to build the first new pressurized piston single in decades. The company said this week that it will offer two versions of the DA50, the SuperStar and the Magnum. The Continental-powered, full-featured SuperStar will be pressurized to provide about a 12,000-foot cabin at 25,000 feet. Meanwhile, the Magnum will be powered by Diamond’s new 170-hp Austro Engine AE 300, a jet-fuel burning engine. Both models will share the same five-seat composite airframe and wing, but the SuperStar will sport a 350-hp turbocharged, FADEC-controlled Continental engine."
Man, this is just KILLING me, sitting here on the Left Coast while the rest of the GA world plays along the banks of Lake Winnebago. But right here on my desk is a United Airlines voucher – earned when they bumped me from an overbooked flight earlier this year – and that voucher is already spoken for. Yes my flying friends, it is going to buy me a R/T ticket to Airplane Wonderland next summer, and I've already made lodging arrangements at the White Swan House where I stayed last time through.

As each day's Oshkosh news gets even hotter then the day before, it makes me start counting the days until July 27, 2009 when the next Airventure gets underway. With so much great stuff being announced each year, it makes us all wonder what bombshell could get dropped at Oshkosh 2009.

I have one prediction, and it teases my next post:
The Terrafugia Transition will fly.

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