5:02 PM

Takin' A Ride With Waldo

O.K., let's all just take a step back from the abyss a minute and chill. In our hectic lives, we often find outselves so enthralled with things we have to do that we don't take enough time to treat the aviator's soul to a good time.

So without delay, pour yourself a cold one, and click to view the video below. Make sure you have your sound turned up, and then sit back and take a ride with one of the finest biplane operations in the country.

And if you find yourself around Fantasy of Flight in Polk City, Florida any time soon, ask anybody standing near any biplane where "Lock" can be found...they'll know who you are looking for.

If you wish to view this full screen, try this link...(highly recommended)

Oh, and the answer to an emailer asking what the "very cool" music is behind this video:

"Learning to Fly"
Pink Floyd
A Momentary Lapse of Reason
Released 8 September, 1987

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