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Our Oil
Addiction is
A Good Thing
...to Some

While we continue to drive mega-trucks and gigantic SUVs just because the people next door drive one and GOD FORBID you don't, our dependence on foreign oil just keeps making our citizens poorer while the Saudis and other Middle Eastern oil barons get filthy rich.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, the cowboy in charge of the United States looks the other way while Big Oil companies reap record profits. The pillaging of our economy by these back-slapping cronies is pathetic, but what's even more pathetic is that we've let them do it to us for so long.

And in Omaha, soccer moms with a laid-off husband and a crap mortgage have to choose between gas for the minivan or food for their children. This is in stark contrast to the scene we find in places like Dubai where the mega-rich get to fly in lavish new Emirates A380 flying palaces. This week, Wired.com laid out exactly what air travel is like for those who have become deliciously wealthy courtesy of us oil-addicted Americans:

"The world's biggest jetliner brings back the golden era of air travel when flying was an event so grand men wore ties and women wore furs - if you've got $14,000, that is. That kind of cash buys a first-class ticket on Emirates airline's new A380, a 489-seat behemoth where the 14 people rich enough to sit in first-class enjoy hot showers, massaging chairs, 1,000 channels and seven-course meals served on china and linen. Oh - there's also a bar with a waterfall."
A waterfall? In an airliner? Now if that isn't 'in your face' I don't know what is. Oh wait, this might be:
"It's also more ostentatiously over the top than anything in the sky. If Steve Wynn built airplanes instead of Vegas casinos, they'd look like the Emirates A380. First class passengers sit in leather seats that fold flat at the push of a button. They watch first-run movies on 23-inch flat-screens. Their private suites - seats are so plebeian - are trimmed in polished wood and brass. There are two showers with faux marble floors, fluffy towels and the biggest assortment of shampoo this side of a Beverly Hills salon."
So that is what you get to fly in when you can charge whatever the hell you want to for the crude oil pumped out of your deserts. So why am I so cranky about Big Oil's Middle Eastern buddies flying in such lavish flying machines?


Ask yourself this one question, and see if you don't feel the same way I do:
Would any of us be all that bummed if say the Swedes or even a few French billionaires were to fly around in flying palaces? Along with so many other Americans, I am disgusted that this country has been ran into the ground while a few select oil producing states encircling the Persian Gulf can afford waterfalls in their planes. While they roll around in piles of cash that BushCo has gladly sent their direction, our citizens must endure rising gas prices and the sell-off of our jobs to China. Add in high unemployment, a deteriorating infrastructure, and a financial system that is in severe disrepair, and it is just sick to see what we've become.
Please remember all of this when you head into the voting booth on November 4th...because McCain = Bush = more of the same. They get rich, you get screwed, our factories close while they poop in solid gold airliner lavatories.

It just isn't right.

UPDATE @ 1204P:
If you think the closing in this post is funny (or sad, you choose), you will LOVE this site.

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