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A Serious Flaw in
Our Elections System

I am not the only person out there that has noticed how OLD John McCain looks these days. He acts dazed and confused on camera, and I wonder how he could put together complete sentences on his own without the help of a team of speechwriters.

This month, McCain turns 72 years old, which means that if – God forbid – he was somehow to win this election and then convince a majority of dumbed down Americans to vote him back into the White House, he'd be 80 at the end of his second term, provided we all live that long with BushCo v2.0 holding the 'football'.

Now I have nothing against our senior citizens, they deserve the respect they have earned. And like you, I know more then a few seniors in their early 70s who are still very much together. Can they lead a productive life, absolutely. Can they lead the most powerful nation on this planet, I'd say no, based on this from AOPA:

"President Bush on Dec. 13, 2007 signed into law a new mandatory retirement age for pilots. Now commercial pilots can stay on the job until they’re 65. The Fair Treatment for Experienced Pilots Act allows both the pilot and copilot to be up to 65 years old on domestic commercial flights. However, commercial pilots flying internationally must still abide by the International Civil Aviation Organization standard set in 2006. This requires at least one of the pilots to be under age 60."
Herein lies the problem. The same government that says a human being is too feeble at age 65 to safely guide a pressurized tube full of souls through the sky also says a grumpy old white guy seven years older than that is fine to lead our country. What kind of bulls**t is that?

Don't think for a minute that the FAA made this change in the "Age 60 Rule" lightly either. They spent years consulting many, many medical experts who concluded that today's human starts to lose it when they cross their 65th birthday. So what clown concluded that John McCain at 72+ can handle the White House?

Maybe instead of that stressful office, he might think about joining the U.S. Foreign Service Officer (FSO) since his GOP supporters continually tout his massive amounts of foreign policy experience. If he enlists as an FSO, you can expect this from usdiplomacy.org as his daily routine:
"Foreign Service Officers (FSOs) are part of a professional service that implements the foreign policy of the United States at embassies, consulates and diplomatic missions at nearly 265 locations worldwide, as well as in Washington, D.C. They use their specialized knowledge and skills to advance specific objectives, protect U.S. citizens abroad and support American business interests. FSOs below the senior ranks serve in one of five cones: political, economic, public diplomacy, consular and management."
Oh, wait, forget that. They also have a mandatory retirement age of 65...a milestone Maverick passed way, way back when we were all still worried about Y2K.

Now THAT would be fun, have McCain explain Y2K...what was supposed to happen, and how it would have effected our country's Internet if millions of computer systems crashed as predicted. Maybe when he stumbles and fumbles for an answer, he can pull out his old school cell phone and call his fratboy pal George Bush, and he can use 'the Google" on any one of the many Internets in GOP-world to solve this Y2K riddle.

It just boggles my mind that out of all the sharp, intelligent GOP business men and women in this country well under 65 years old, the best they can field is a grouch who would get laughed out of his first interview at PoeDunk Airlines.

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