2:19 PM

Will President Obama Be Good for GA?

It's over. Goodnight Irene. Slammed and dunked. The Fat Lady has sung...all the worn out clichés in the book. This presidential election ended today the moment George W. Bush v2.0 picked a completely unknown woman from Alaska to be his VP selection.

I know this is an aviation blog, but consider this:

They say Barack Obama is taking the high road, that he spends too much time on the issues instead of punching McCain in the face. But why would Obama need to throw blows to the jaw when the Rove/GOP/BushCo political machine is so good at shooting themselves in the foot with major mistakes like the Sarah Palin choice? I get giddy thinking about how hard it will be for the right-wing spin machine to turn this into something positive. Oh wait, Rush just called her a babe...and she hunts MOOSE! I guess in their world those two traits make her qualified to stand one heartbeat away from the Oval Office.
After the rousing speech Obama made last night, and now this magnificent McCain blunder, we can all sit back now and watch "Big Mo" propel Obama straight to the White House. So that means we all need to start doing our homework on what that'll mean to GA. We won't know today what a Obama presidency will affect the aviation community, but one thing we know for certain now is this:
McCain is toast...Palin will be his Eagleton.

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