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My Kingdom for
an iPhone 3G

With every passing day, my itty bitty widdle Samsung cell phone becomes more and more outdated and is now SOOO last month. It's as if the damn thing is being made obsolete right before my very eyes, a victim of technology charging off to the future at breakneck speeds.

Oh sure, at first, the u-740 looked cool. It flipped two ways, vertical resembling a regular cell phone, and the new, nifty horizontal way to offer a sideways screen and a QWERTY keyboard perfectly sized for a Keebler elf.

But since my wife chucked her brick and bought an iPhone, my widdle phone seems old school despite being less then one year into a contract. I do not use it for sending SMS texts, and make very few calls on it. I do use it quite a bit for Pilot MyCast, the very capable flight planning app from Garmin that costs $10 a month. I have been keeping it because I didn't think there was anything out there like Pilot MyCast for an iPhone. Oh how wrong I was:

ForeFlight Mobile 2.0 delivers full-on aviation weather and information covering 220 countries, 25,000 global landing facilities, 24,000 runways, 24,000 hotels, 9,000 fixed based operators and 11,000 transportation providers. It displays the data using the simply beautiful iPhone interface, and from screenshots, it looks like it's worth double the one time buy-in of just $69.99.
When you dig below the gorgeous GUI and look at what's under the hood of this app, it truly is reason to drop your mouth. Here is just a taste from their site:
– Continuously updated METARs, TAFs, and aviation weather imagery for thousands of airports and weather stations around the world.

– Search for a series of airports to see distance and direction between them as well as any recently assigned ATC routes.

– TFRs, NOTAMs, and Winds Aloft

– File new flight plans in under ten seconds

– Provides approach plates for all U.S. instrument procedures

– AWOS/ASOS Direct Dial™
This may make me finally buy out my current Verizon contract and drop the dollars on an iPhone 3G. With Pilot MyCast's subscription at $120 a year, and Foreflight at about $70 forever, I save $170 in the first two years of owning the iPhone. That savings will cover the buyout, but may not yet justify the cost of the iPhone. But at $199 for the 8GB model - ridiculously cheap for such a space-age communications tool – what am I waiting for?

Beats the heck out of me.

And if the stock market has a couple more days like today, I may not be able to use the "economic sky is falling" excuse to avoid buying the iPhone.

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