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Aviation Only Spoken
in This PFZ

I had the biggest traffic day ever on World of Flying today, with the bulk of that coming in from NATCA members around the country. They know about my full support for their quest to get a fair deal from the FAA, and as the post below this one says, I hope they get it under President Obama.

But frankly, I have had enough politics for quite a while. My regular readers know I tilt pretty far to the left, and that I have developed a serious disdain for George Bush and Dick Cheney. The many often volatile posts I have written railing on them and his administration had a purpose, to rid our country's government of their types for the foreseeable future.

Well, after this election, I have no reason really to continue bashing George Bush and his cronies. Not that my readers have a problem with that – in fact of the 301 unique visitors that came in to WoF as of 817P left coast time, I received one...ONE...email that claimed I was diss'ing the Current Occupant of the White House. So I am elated tonight to never have to type anyone's name from BushCo ever again.

As of today, I declare Av8rdan's World of Flying a Politics Free Zone, or PFZ. I will be keeping all posts squarely centered on aviation topics, the stuff that we all live with every day. But as is the case of any PFZ, I reserve the right to post on politics, but only on an emergency basis. Such "emergencies" would be:

If any, ANY clown in Washington decides to start charging user fees to guys flying Piper Cherokee 235s, I will reserve the right to verbally throw them under a bus. If President Obama's administration does anything to screw with the GA 100LL fuel supply, I will wring their freakin' necks in this space. But if anyone in Obama's administration does something right, like give the NATCA crew a decent labor deal, or kill user fees forever, I reserve the right to thank them publicly.
Other then just those kinds of serious GA issues, you can read WoF with confidence knowing it is truly a PFZ. If you have a great aviation story or news tip, or have a cool web site or product to tell me about, please click the yellow "Send Me Feedback" button at right and email me...or just click here...I read each and every one.

Especially stories and news tips about kids and flying. Now that I am officially a DooDah (my assigned Grandpa name), and my favorite little girl pilot is a month old, I am really focused on anything related to children and flying machines. So please send me anything in that arena and unless I have a backlog, I will seriously consider posting on it.

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