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The Good Ol' Boys Club is Going Down in Flames

My readers know I've been trying hard since the election to keep World of Flying a PFZ (politics free zone), but damn, these lame ducks do push my buttons now and again. This post is not so much about Bush's cronies posing as an administration as it is about Bush's cronies posing as an administration trying to blow this kind of GOP garbage by us with a straight face:

From ANN: "DOT will issue a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) to implement the recommendations of its "Tarmac Task Force." Heavily weighted with representatives of airports and the airline industry, the panel's final report recommends no substantive measures be required of the airlines to minimize or mitigate lengthy strandings of passengers."
Is ANYONE surprised to find out that this Task Force ANN says was "heavily weighted" is stocked with people who all come from W's Fratboy School of Governance:
"Kate Hanni, founder and executive director of CAPBOR, the Coalition for an Airline Passengers Bill of Rights, was stranded with her husband and two sons inside an American Airlines jet, on the tarmac at Austin, TX for over eight hours on December 29, 2006. Hanni tells ANN she was the only member of DOT's 35-member task force without ties to either government or the airline industry. Not surprisingly, she was the lone dissenting vote in a 34-1 decision last week to release a final report which requires only token attention from the airlines to the needs of passengers in cases of tarmac strandings."
I know, I KNOW, America has spoken, and these people have been shown the door. As of this writing it was 60 days, 22 hours, 21 minutes, 44 seconds (see the actual countdown clock here) before it all becomes official on Redemption Day, 01.20.09. Numerous reports say President Obama and Vice-president Biden are friends of the pax bill of rights movement, and I have every reason to believe courageous citizens like Kate Hanni will get the justice they seek. Fair is all CAPBOR is asking for, not empty promises from Brownie wannabes made under a cloud of smoke on a stage full of mirrors.

Hanni discusses this story in detail on a Aero News Special Feature audio Aero-Cast, found here.

My flying friends, we all just need to keep our heads in the game and hang in there. There will be losses and pain during this transition, jobs will be lost, doors will close. But we really have only one option now: Hope.

And I damn sure hope it's all going to get way better next year.

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