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AOPA Reminds
Us How Inept
Bush's EPA
Has Become

[Reader alert: Yes, I KNOW he and his posse have one foot out the door, but when we stop long enough to examine just about anything BushCo or any of the Federal agencies staffed with his cronies does, we see why their kind is getting the boot from Washington.]

Today AOPA came out with an article explaining their formal comments in response to an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) notice concerning greenhouse gas emissions. In a story on AIN, reporter Matt Thurber breaks AOPA's position down for you:

"AOPA has commented on a set of proposed regulations from the EPA that seek to regulate greenhouse gas emissions under the Clean Air Act, specifically targeting emissions by general aviation aircraft. The EPA’s own greenhouse gas emissions inventory shows, according to AOPA, that general aviation jets and pistons generated only 5.54 percent of the total aviation contribution and 0.74 percent of the overall transportation sector contribution."
Point seven four percent. Even Baby Einstein can tell you that's not even one percent of the pollution we spew into our atmosphere. In looking at a PDF document highlighting AOPA's formal comments, it's easy to break down just what 0.74 percent really looks like:
GA jet-powered aircraft makes up 0.61 percent, with 0.13 percent coming from piston-powered aircraft. When you compare this to the 81.33 percent for on-road motor vehicles, 12.53 for commercial and military aviation, 2.4 percent for trains and 2.26 for maritime vessels, it boggles the mind how Bush's EPA can even FIND GA polluters on their radar screen.
AOPA makes it so painfully obvious, even W's dog could understand how this proposed regulation makes the EPA look completely misinformed:
“General aviation greenhouse gas emissions pale in comparison to other transportation sources,” said Andy Cebula, AOPA executive vice president of government affairs. “The EPA should carefully consider aviation safety and the cost to comply before initiating any future rulemaking on such a small greenhouse gas emitter. Overall, it is inherently obvious when evaluating the data that GA’s impact on the global climate is currently and will continue to be exceedingly small. Any EPA requirement that would result in the installation of pollution controls on GA aircraft or require a change in how GA aircraft are operated would have safety and cost implications that cannot be ignored.”
Let's close by comparing my 235 Cherokee to the gigantuan Ford Excursion that almost ran me down in the Quizno's parking lot the other day, shall we?
Maybe five times a year, I burn 80 gallons of refined dead dinosaurs on trips to California, so that's 400 gallons running through my Lycoming 0-540. I get down there in four hours, and R/T for all five trips is 40 hours...or about 10 mpg. Ford's version of a Sherman Tank burns 163 gallons in the 1,304 mile R/T, or about 8 mpg. But at 65 mph (yeah, right) it takes the Big Pig 20 hours on the road. While my GA plane is only polluting for four hours EUG to FAT, the 8,500 lb. Excursion is spewing out pollution for 10 hours. Maybe Baby Einstein can explain why EPA would even bother with GA aircraft when there are so many of these SUV behemoths doing the real damage to our air.
Maybe the next administration can bring some sense of reason and reality back to EPA. Like President Obama says over and over again, we can only hope.

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