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Brighten a Friend's
Day With Some Fun
Aviation Stuff

I have just discovered Facebook, and am on it every day staying in touch with friends, family, the new grandchild, and a couple of high powered national magazine editors. This wonderful "web 2.0" creation is bonehead simple to use, bulletproof in it's functionality, and oh so groovy for so many things.

Back when I first heard about it years ago, I swear I read it was only for students, and a requirement to join was being enrolled in high school or college. That pretty much excluded Av8rdan, who hasn't seen a classroom that wasn't inside an FBO in quite some time.

If this student rule was the case, it is no longer in force. Today, I'll bet as many as 50% of the people in your address book or contact list are on Facebook, including your co-workers, family members, old school chums, and even grandma. It is the ideal place to exchange photos and videos in a way that is so easy, you'll think this is what the web was designed to do.

One of the "things" Facebook does is allows people to create "apps" so they can send each other "Butterflies", "Healing Stones", "Energy Crystals", the list is endless. One of the more humorous ones is "Give Southern Stuff" where you can send a friend some grits, a bowl of She Crab soup or a spiked watermelon. While this might generate yucks north of the Mason/Dixon, I cannot see how the proud people of the South much care for Facebook users sending each other "their own trailer park" just to get a laugh.

I certainly enjoyed getting a "Butterfly" from my favorite daughter-in-law, but those who know me well are sure I drip Avgas out of all pores. So when I began searching for just the right "app" to use for sending my flying buddies a quick hello, I didn't find one. So I made my own:

"Aviation Stuff" is the latest Facebook application that users can choose to send someone a "beautiful day to fly" or a "$100 hamburger". Certainly a photo of a really cool bizjet, a sunset arrival or a clear and a million VFR departure will brighten the smile of anyone you know who loves flying.
So far, the number of Facebook'ers using the "app" have grown daily since it was approved on their directory. A quick look at a few of the "gifts" you can send others on Facebook include:
A photo of a junior aviator guaranteed to generate smiles
A close-up shot of a soaring seagull
Some "beautiful airplane noise"
A dramatic dawn patrol departure
A perfect greased landing
You get the idea. Nuttin' but fun, and no, I'm not handing out real business jets...but I am making it really easy to send someone you love a quick and easy free image of one. And in the middle of a busy work day, who wouldn't want to drool over a pic of a Hondajet for a few fleeting moments?

If you want to get in on the fun and are already a Facebook user, go here and add the "app" to your page. If you have yet to join the rest of the world on Facebook, a good place to start is here.

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