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My readers know I am a huge supporter of Terrafugia's Transition, and I've said over and over that their "roadable airplane" project might just be the most exciting aviation story out there today.

The popular vehicle is getting dangerously close to it's first flight test, and high speed, propeller-driven taxi tests to rotation speed have been completed. But if you absolutely want one for your garage, I suggest you be patient, so says the Terrafugia web site:

As of July 2007, all of Terrafugia's anticipated production though the end of Q2 2010 has been reserved.
But wait, you want it NOW! You want to be able to fly a vehicle certifed for both flight and the highway. Well, according to ANN, you can get your wish if you have a Trump-sized checkbook:
"Molt Taylor's Flying Car On The Block On eBay - One of only six built, Molt Taylor's third Aerocar has been listed for sale on eBay for a Buy It Now pricetag of a cool $3.5 million. Built in 1956, N103D is Aerocar Model One, Serial Number Two, sporting a 160 hp Lycoming engine with 1,103 hours total time, and just 22 hours since major overhaul."
If you think three-point-five mil is a pretty hefty chunk for this vehicle, then you'll be alarmed to know that according to the ANN piece, that is the "as-is" price, and the thing is not even flyable:
Its last annual inspection was performed on July 30, 1976, although the listing states "an informal inspection of the plane by an FAA licensed A&P aircraft mechanic was performed in August of 2006." Its last flight was in 1977, and has been in storage ever since.
Just how expensive is this auction? Well, comparatively speaking, you CAN get more for less right now on eBay:
A 1973 Boeing 727-200 is also for sale on eBay. Sure, the 56-seat airliner has been flown 71,000 hours, but is IS just US $2,995,000...for a gigantic, airworthy jet! With this baby you get a ballistic cockpit door, RVSM, and a large bar with lounge area in aft section of cabin.
So if you have recently won the lotto and want a serious collectors item, then feel free to go here before 12.16.08 and make a deal on one of six Aerocars. Or, go here and get in on a delivery position of the vehicle that looks almost spacecraft-like when compared to the Aerocar.

Yes, Molt Taylor's design was extremely forward thinking back in the late 40's when it made its first flight, and yes, maybe it was 60+ years before its time. I have talked to people who have said that "a flying car will never work...it's been tried before." Well, you can see what that version looked like with the Aerocar, and comparing the Transition to Taylor's Aerocar is like comparing the Wright Flyer to the Space Shuttle.

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