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Space Shuttle
Fans Need to
See 'The Big Picture'

Today I stumbled upon The Big Picture, a "photo blog" from the Boston Globe/boston.com posted every Monday, Wednesday and Friday by Alan Taylor. I had never see this wonderful site until today, but man-oh-man am I glad I found it.

What happens is this: Taylor watches the imagery that hits their newsroom via the wire services, and then puts together photo essays on topics that are in the news. The Big Picture site explains it like this:

"Inspired by publications like Life Magazine (of old), National Geographic, and online experiences like MSNBC.com's Picture Stories galleries and Brian Storm's MediaStorm, The Big Picture is intended to highlight high-quality, amazing imagery - with a focus on current events, lesser-known stories and, well, just about anything that comes across the wire that looks really interesting."
One of the topics that Taylor chose to spotlight recently focused on the space shuttle Endeavor, and this post is a MUST SEE for anyone who even remotely likes the space shuttle program. Here's what Taylor came up with:
"NASA's space shuttle Endeavour recently returned to the Orbiter Processing Facility (OPF) at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida, after its successful mission to the International Space Station. The shuttle, being a reusable spacecraft, has a cycle of preparation, execution and recovery - Endeavour has been through this cycle 22 times now, since 1992. Here is a look at one full cycle for one space shuttle, starting with the landing of Endeavour from its previous mission (STS-123) on March 26th, and ending with its return to Florida 9 months (and 6.6 million miles) later, after mission STS-126."
So please block out some quality time for yourself and go HERE to see these stunning images. It is literally like going backstage...there are pictures here we normally don't see. Sure, hardcore NASA enthusiasts have seen all of these at one time or another, but us mere mortals do not get the chance to see such a great collection of shuttle photos in one stop.

Hat tip to Gizmodo for the original post that aimed me at The Big Picture.

There is also another very cool "Big Picture" post on the International Space Station found here.

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