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To Live Blog,
or Not to Live Blog, That is
the Question

My regular readers know that I have already bought tickets, secured a dorm room and nailed down a car rental for a trip back to Airplane Wonderland – aka Oshkosh – next summer. And now that the deal is done, my mind has been in overdrive thinking about how best to optimize the trip for maximum pleasure on both a personal as well as a professional level.

One of the ideas I had was to maybe "live blog" from the show on one of my two days back there. If you are not up to speed on live blogging, it is really nothing like this kind of blogging:

We've all seen that long line of satellite trucks surrounding Paris Hilton's house any time her little doggie takes a dump on the front lawn. It somehow becomes breaking news, with these mega-million dollar rigs beaming the signal across space as a pretty bubblehead reports the details "live, on the scene". But if you want to sit on the bumper of one of these expensive rigs with a laptop, Internet access, a cheap video camera and a free CoveritLive.com account, you too can "live blog" every detail of the Chihuahua's excrement episode, at no extra cost beside the equipment.
You can instantly be an on-the-scene reporter with a CoveritLive account and Internet access. I found this amazing web 2.0 application last night while trying to locate some way to easily provide my readers with a continuous spew of my warped words and wisdom LIVE from deep in the heart of Cheese Country, USA.

When I stumble across a browser-based app that works as well as this one does, it still baffles me that it is free. But it is – for now – so let's take a look at CoveritLive...the following is from a reply I received today from a very competent Customer Service person there:
"CoveritLive has been used around the world by thousands of writers to an audience of millions of readers, since it was introduced in late 2007. We fundamentally believe that the needs of a niche blogger and a major news organization are the same: engaging your readers for long periods of time is a good thing. CiL is an enterprise-class software application that can handle hundreds of thousands of simultaneous readers (whether you need it or not)."
This web-based app is being widely used by a number of heavy hitters in the world of U.S. Newspapers, including the Houston Chronicle, San Jose Mercury News, Seattle Intelligencer, USA Today, Dallas Morning News, Chicago Sun-Times, Chicago Tribune, Boston Globe and the Philadelphia Enquirer. CoveritLive brings a new sense of energy to augment their printed page, but even networks like Yahoo Sports, Fox Sports USA and MSNBC.com use CoveritLive.

So I need feedback from my readers: If I were to spend one of my two days at EAA Airventure 2009 wandering, gawking, shooting photos [and maybe video] and then uploading it with my commentary – all in real-time – via my free CoveritLive account would you tune in to the pre-scheduled broadcast?

Please click the "send me feedback" button at right and email me your ideas on what you'd like to see in a live blog from Oshkosh. I am still trying to figure out what ad agency commitments I will have, and also what meetings I might take to promote my screenplay project, Three-Eight Charlie. But with two days at the show, I feel confident I can spend one day "working" and one day playing. And if I choose to spend my one play day live blogging, I have fun and you win.

Your thoughts, please...

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