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Lost in Translation, Part II

The world is getting mighty giddy awaiting the first test flight of Terrafugia's Transition roadable aircraft. My Google Alerts for news stories on this topic goes off about 10 times a day...with many of the stories from overseas.

I recently posted a really bizarro translation of one of these stories, from a Chinese site that tried rather unsuccessfully to translate it into Spanish. I translated their Spanish into English and the results – found here – were hilarious.

So today when I got word of a Transition story out of the Middle East, I could not resist. This one happens to be from the website of Al-Mustaqbal, a newspaper in Lebanon. Just getting through the lede paragraph without laughing is impossible. Go ahead and try [pasted verbatim from this translation site]:

"Americans of human being happy for all commanders the vehicles around the scientist in their detection about that the dream who wait in leadership of vehicles lengthened his be possible her traditional borders the biographies and the walk exceeded by air escape from traffic, already stay over the close attainment, where announced about manages them from development first of capable of car the flight in the scientist and will her subjugation is complete to air attempt during the next month explains."
Yes, I know...world's longest sentence. I'm not sure, but I THINK this next 'graph talks about takeoff performance?
"To is what already is similar to bad Al-Khobar for the employees he that she road will need for distance to 1,700 foot before the departure arrives his, just as that price the one from her 132 thousand sterling will arrive to. From their side, inventors of this car said and from in their yen previous engineers in agency of people for researches of the space indeed her already idealizes finally accomplishment to dreamt for as long as his wait lengthened, and he the enjoyment in opportunity the trip about road the atmosphere on the exciting in any time."
And this next pull quote might be offering up a gesture of good will towards a successful test flight:
"Journalistic reports said indeed that new car which releases on her “the Terrafugia Transition” which dismisses indeed her first car flies in the scientist supplied in wings which covers and automatic uniqueness in method in the mere pressing on one of the buttons, expects have fun to the qualification does in himself whether was the land walks on or in the atmosphere. Added upright on the car that in her possibility to land car converts from formed from seats to airplane during five ten second only. If what the car exceeded first test of flight have fun, so blessing expected have fun to halls of the offer during eighteen month descend in about."
Do you suppose they think the Transition might actually be pulled through the air by one hundred horses:
"Just as that the car new supplied in the brakes himself which her moving strength informs hundred horse strength of car himself on the adequate land the atmosphere. In according to of the company, so indeed the car will be in her possibility the flight rise corroded 500 inclination in tank one from the gas arrives to quickly rocket 115 inclination in the hour arrives to."
This closing 'graph might make Sarah Palin's readers happy, since they talk about "the Alaska":
Followed disgraces the invention raved normal their defects they air license the leadership the characteristic in the pilots and the place who possibility of the commander is in the departure from him. The reports indicated until the legal place only in the United States for the departure from him the road walked on the Alaska. With raved Carl in optimism for future feels his car waits.
Glad they finally mentioned Carl [Dietrich, Terrafugia's CEO], and I'm sure he has raved in optimism for future feels his car waits. Who wouldn't?

O.K., enough nonsense. They had better get a test flight in the logbooks pretty soon or I'll have to continue publishing more of these absurd translations.

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