Major Green Milestone for Boeing

8:32 PM

As someone who takes pride in caring for this rock we all live upon, I was interested in National Geographic's Green Guide as they went about the chore of determining the "greenest" city in America. The Green Guide writers looked at a number of factors from various sources and the results are way cool:

"In recognition of the efforts of cities across the country to provide energy-efficient, least polluting and healthy living spaces, the Green Guide presents the environmental leaders, those cities whose green achievements set the standard for others.

The Top 25 Green Cities in the U.S.
1. Eugene, OR with a sustainable business incubator, renewable energy supplying 85% of city's power, and an extensive wetlands program."
I provide that as background only to demonstrate how seriously we Eugenians take the protection of our environment. Everywhere you look, someone is doing something to make our city more beautiful, more sustainable, and more livable. So with that in mind I am really, REALLY excited about this from our country's biggest airplane maker:
Boeing today announced that all of its major manufacturing facilities received the internationally recognized ISO 14001 environmental certification by the end of 2008, marking achievement of one of the company's most significant environmental goals. Certification is a global benchmark of an organization's commitment to understand and continually improve its environmental performance.
These Boeing sites certified during 2008 were commended for their environmental performance with more than 80 positive noteworthy efforts and no major nonconformances:
Alabama: Huntsville
Arizona: Mesa
Australia: Bankstown, Fishermans Bend
California: El Segundo, Long Beach, Seal Beach, Sylmar, Taft, Torrance
Canada: Winnipeg
Florida: Kennedy Space Center
Missouri: St. Louis, St. Charles
Pennsylvania: Philadelphia
Texas: San Antonio
Utah: Salt Lake City
Washington: Auburn, Frederickson, Renton and North Boeing Field, Integrated Defense Systems sites in Puget Sound

Facilities in Exmouth, Australia; Everett, Wash.; and Portland, Ore. had previously achieved ISO 14001 certification.
A really great story [pdf] in Boeing's Frontier Magazine is here.

Way back in my so-called "other life" when I worked at a major food manufacturing plant in California, that facility struggled for years to achieve ISO 9001 certification, and it all but killed off some of the management. So the massive achievement by Boeing to certify all of its major manufacturing facilities is quite notable. As they have set the benchmark for building quality airliners for generations, they have now also come to the environmental party in a big way.

I – no we – shall only hope this major achievement prompts many, many more giants of industry in this country to push on towards greening up their facilities. That will be one tiny fraction of what needs to be done to reverse our government's nasty habit of looking the other way when it comes to global warming and climate change. Yes, Boeing may be only one company, but they are a BIG company, and people notice what Boeing does.

There are lots of big factories who have also achieved ISO 14001 certification, but there needs to be more. Top management at old factories belching garbage into our air and sucking up way too much natural resources should consider this gauntlet to be thrown down. Come to this "green" party voluntarily, or risk being forced to do so at some point in the future...because Bushie doesn't have your back at EPA anymore. It's a brand new day, and there is a new word being bantered around Washington, one that was ostracised for the last eight years:


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