The Results are in...

8:09 PM

My regular blog readers have been helping me craft a better blog here at World of Flying. After a couple of weeks, just over 100 readers were gracious enough to spend a few minutes on answering 10 questions I posed.

There were some surprises, and also some very good suggestions on how to keep improving on this blog. Here is an overview of each question, and a look at the answers:

– When asked how long my readers have been coming here, a massive 85% said WoF has been required reading for between six months and one year. And I consider it a compliment that a full 10% said they've been here from the beginning over 700 posts ago.

– The aviation experience of my readers is telling, and will help me aim better content at the masses. There are 59% of the readers who do not have a pilot's license yet, but want to get one someday or are already student pilots. Of licensed readers, 12% are ATP rated with a multi-engine rating, and one smart ass (I know who he is) said he was an astronaut. Uh. Huh.

– WoF is a required stop each day for 25% of the readers, with 45% coming my way once or twice a week. Anyone in the blogosphere will tell you that content is king, and I consider this a mega-compliment that I have so many returning visitors.

– As to my Bush bashing, left-leaning, tye-dye wearin' political stance, 45% of the reads strong agree, while 35% disagree occasionally or strong disagree. And, 20% were have had read the question to know what that's all about.

– When asked rather bluntly what the readers liked or disliked about my "Herb Caen meets Dave Berry" style of writing, 75% said this blog is a good mix of real news, information and crazy stuff that makes them laugh. Only 5% said I should be more serious, which tells me we all need to be poked in the ribs each day or we're going to go crazy these days.

– The AWOL comments section on my blog is a non-issue, with 55% fine without a way to comment. Only 35% said they leave comments on blogs, but only when a topic really fires them up.

– I am humbled that the #1 thing people want to see more of are personal flying stories from Av8rdan. That topic scored a cumulative score of 3.75 (out of 5), trailed slightly by "more interesting aviation websites" (3.70), "more posts about Katy" (3.60) and "more stories about flight training" (3.55).

– Again, humbled, that 74% say they send links they see here to friends and family. That has been the impetus to keep this blog growing. But 16% said they could not find a "share" button to do this...hint, it's the little envelope at the end of the post. I will work to make this more visible.

– Last, I asked my readers what their personal crystal ball said about the financial stability of the aviation sector in 2009. I am sad to report 50% think the economy is so far in the tank that we'll only see more declines in '09...but 40% think it'll rebound by about ten percent. And 5% said the sky is falling and we're all going to die. Oy. Vay.
So thank you to all that helped in this endeavor. I enjoy writing this blog more than anyone knows, and promise to digest the many suggestions left in the comments fields of the survey and continue to make WoF As good as it can be.

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