James Bond's New 'Die Fledermaus' Chariot

5:09 PM

As myself and the world were waiting for the news of a test flight of Terrafugia's super groovy roadable airplane, the Transition, I found myself clicking on the many Google News Alerts that come in from around the world.

Now that we've heard about this exciting new design actually flying, it will officially separate itself from even the most expensive of road vehicles. Yes, a Bugatti Veyron will set you back $1.2 Mil and claims to be the fastest car with a top speed of 253 mph. But even with a tailwind, you'll need to drive the Veyron off a cliff to get it to fly.

So here is yet another installment of Terrafugia: Lost in Translation III, this time from this Chinese site, translated here and printed verbatim:

Tanks can be the ultimate fans dream
car flew up into the sky

"Batman" chariot bats are a lot of car fans dream of, but since the article was published in an automatic car, car has always been a mixture of plane Engineer over the past two to three hundred years dream.

Recently, the United States Terrafugia Transition for the realization of "the chariot bat" take a step forward, the company is developing two-seater car as long as the plane. Spies such as James Bond as the press of a button, car change of aircraft, aircraft changed only when the car 15 seconds bell, but really all automatic, no need for manual installation of any additional components!

"Die Fledermaus chariot," the goal is to inject 1-cylinder petrol, you will be sitting in the car to 115 kilometers per hour of flight speed flew up into the sky, flying about 500 kilometers of air travel! However, at present "Die Fledermaus chariot" is still only down-to-earth, not because of technical reasons!

Terrafugia hope that in 2010 the market will be able to formally launch the first batch of auto plane. Order the current hand-held company has 40 car Tatsu plane, the main clients are approaching retirement or have retired couples, some even for a taste of driving this car and plane specially study the taste of driving plane!

Most concerned about the trust everyone has this fantasy chariot how much? 200,000 U.S. dollars, that is, less than two million yuan! To the price of a car for comparison, the amount of money of course, but if a plane for comparison, which is affordable price to attract!
Not even sure where they get all this stuff from. And while Die Fledermaus is indeed one of my favorite operas, I can't say for certain if that would be a selling point when I decide to buy a new chariot. And in any language, two million yuan is a LOT of Chop Suey.

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