This One is for the Kids

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If you have kids and those kids like airplanes, then they are going to LOVE being introduced to Duggy and his friends. In case you've never heard of Duggy, – the coolest DC-3 on the planet – here's the 411 from

Duggy's creator, Mitch Carley created Duggy in 1973, as part of a school report. Growing up on the edge of a small rural town, the snowy winter months in Ohio were very quiet and cold. It was during these months each year that Mitch perfected his style of illustration and story-telling. As an adult Mitch went on to become a creative director at several advertising agencies.
Duggy is a cartoon character with plenty of friends, but is also a real DC-3 painted in bright yellow with such a notable big smile on his nose, it is impossible to look at him without, well, smiling! Here's the skinny on the real Duggy:
Duggy – N1XP to the FAA – was manufactured in 1942 as a DC3C-S1C3G by Douglas Aircraft. He has seen service during WWII and also was a Canadian government plane with their DOT until 1995. In 2005, "Duggy" was re-conditioned by Robert Odegaard, Rob Challans and Mitch Carley. With his two P&W Model R1830 series-92 engines, he is capable of 207 mph, but prefers cruising at 140 mph. He has a max fuel range of 2,125 miles, and a max takeoff weight of 25,200 lbs.
Duggy is one popular airplane, and has plenty of friends. Here are some of the more colorful ones, as described on

Duggy | Big classic passenger plane, Douglas DC-3
Fun Fact: Duggy has a secret ‘crush’ on “Connie” the Constellation

Super | World’s largest piston engine driven stunt/fighter, F2G Corsair
Fun Fact: Super is proudest and most caring for his crew that made him fly 50 years after being towed to a junkyard.

Tusky | Sleek single engine fighter with a red tail, P51C Mustang
Fun Fact: Tusky is sleek and knows it – often he lets others know –
to the point of annoyance.

Jenny | Bi-Plane, Jenny Trainer
Fun Fact: Jenny – challenges any man to any contest, even at the result
of being very hurt. Yet, for all of her flaws Jenny loves those who are close
to her and will never fail on being on time, on effort and on helping those
she loves.

Tiger | Shark mouthed fighter, P40 Warhawk
Fun Fact: Tiger – is a terrible singer – yet – he sings all of the time due to the AVG group not having any real-entertainment for years.

LEM (Lunar Excursion Module) | Moon Lander, NASA LEM
Fun Fact: Wants to land on Mars – that is the only subject that spins his radar.

Connie | Sleek prop-driven transport, Lockheed Constellation
Fun Fact: All in all – stuck up – yet very lonely, frustrated…really wants
a family. Has crush on Duggy – just wishes he was in better shape (weight
a little pudgy and short).

Glennis | Super fast rocket plane, Bell X1
Fun Fact: Always wishing he had a jet engine and could fly for long periods of time.

Wrighty | Fragile first flyer, Wright Flyer 1905
Fun Fact: Loves to have pictures of him taken – especially in the air.

Cubby | Little Scout Plane, Piper J3 Cub
Fun Fact: Cubby wishes he had a way to fight – he has none. He knows he is better off this way – yet – just once he would like to ‘...torch those who are out to hurt him and his friends’.

Stang | Sleek single engine fighter, P51D Mustang
Fun Fact: Stang will always stand up for the USA

Again, if you have kids, and they like planes, then bring them into the wonderful world of Duggy and his friends. And if you like what you see, I am sure Team Duggy will be happy if you were to visit their site and seek out a sponsorship opportunity.

And there is a great photo gallery of N1XP here on

UPDATE @ 9A on 03.15.09: Got word this AM from Mitch Carley of Team Duggy that Duggy and Friends will be returning to EAA's Airventure at OSH this summer. The exhibit will be open to the public, media, schools, and of course KIDS!!!

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