It is Almost Christmas Morning in Wisconsin

10:46 PM

I will not try to cover up the truth or weasel out of this: As Airventure gets closer, I am starting to get more and more excited as each new minute ticks off my Timex. On years when I am not going to EAA's Annual Bratfest and Airplane Orgy, I read about the news from there, sort of blowing through it from a distance. It is always gut-wrenching torture.

But this year is different. This will be my fourth Airventure, and it is shaping up to be one of the best yet. I again tried this past Tuesday to describe Airventure to a room full of non-flyers at my weekly Toastmasters meeting. As I spoke about rows of perfect flying machines to a sea of blank stares, I guess I lost them at "...and there's even going to be a P-38!!!!!!"

So as my departure time crawls ever closer, here is a few things I wish to see while at "Oshkosh" next Monday and Tuesday:
Jets, Jets and more Jets: I'd LOVE to get a few minutes of "alone time" with the HondaJet, hopefully in a candlelit room with some Luther Vandross playing softly. This sexy jet seems to be dipped in pheromones and sends pilots like me into an almost erotic orbit - it makes us fantasize about doing the kinds of things to this particular make/model that only goes on behind closed hangar doors. Oh. Baby. Sure, I am also dying to see the PiperJet and Cirrus' SF-50 Vision jet up close. But there is just something about the HondaJet that brings out the aviator animal in me.
Addison Pemberton's Boeing 40C: If you read my blog, you've probably read about the Canyonville Mail Plane crash. That wreck came back to life in Spokane, WA by one of this planet's most talented team of biplane artists, those skilled craftsmen (and women) who restore our most prized flying possessions. I cannot wait to see this gorgeous and HUGE biplane up close and personal.

The Smile in the Sky: I've never met an airplane I didn't like...each and every one of them is magical. Airplanes have personalities, and they have life. Of all the makes and models in our sky, no single make/model exemplifies this better than the Douglas DC-3, and of those left flying, no single -3 does it better that Duggy. If you want to feel an airplane's soul breathe, take a few steps forward from the door to Duggy's flight deck. If you can't feel the buzz, if you can't feel this beautiful bird's heart beating around you, then maybe you really aren't an aviator after all. And, how can anyone have a bad day after looking at that big smile?

Airbus A380: The world's largest passenger airliner is coming to Oshkosh, and who among us is not blown away by that news? I have not seen actual numbers for the "minimum runway length" required to land this behemoth at KOSH, but on this forum, discussion on then topic by some airline guys were saying it requires a minimum of between 1,900 meters (6,233') and 3,500 meters (11,482'). With runway 18/36 shown as 8,002' on Airnav, it is going to be a landing to watch no matter what the POH says.

Virgin Galactic VMS Mothership "Eve": a.k.a "WhiteKnightTwo," VMS Eve is the next generation of civilian space carrier vehicles and is sure to draw a mega crowd all week. Anything Richard Branson and Burt Rutan touch turns to solid gold these days, and Virgin Galactic represents the tip of the commercial space travel spear. This is a must see for me.
There you have it, a personal wish list. Is it next week yet?

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