Look for the Veggie Van Coming Your Way Soon

11:04 PM

As aviators, we burn one of two fuels, Jet A or 100LL AvGas. There is gobs of Jet A out there, but every so often we here the murmurs that the petroleum distillers would love to stop wasting their time ginning up a few tiny batches (by comparison) of 100LL for us GA piston drivers.

And each time I hear this, I wish to God we could get someone to make affordable, powerful turbodiesel aircraft engines that could run Jet A. There are a few out there such as the Deltahawk line of non-certified engines (with certified models in the works), and recently, Diamond Aircraft received an FAA Type Certificate for their proprietary Austro Engine AE300, which runs on jet fuel.

If the day ever comes when we can buy new GA airframes with turbodiesels or retrofit Cherokees and Skyhawks with same, then I believe those engines should also be certified to run on biodiesel fuel. I have always been a fan of biofuels, but after watching The Fuel Film – an excellent documentary that won the Audience Award for Best Documentary at the Sundance Film Festival – I am more convinced than ever that our country can ween itself off foreign oil if we just push forward with alternative fuels and sustainable energy sources.
I was turned on to the film by my step-son Scott Connolly, who is a talented film editor and videopgrapher working in the L.A. market. Scott is on the Fuel Film team, and is about to embark this week on a national press tour [the full press kit is here] with the films creator, Josh Tickell. Look for the Veggie Van and the Fuel Bus to stop in these cities leading up to the release of the movie FUEL:

9/8/09 – San Francisco, CA
9/9/09 – Sacramento, CA
9/10/09 – Cheyenne, WY
9/12/09 – Lincoln, NE
9/13/09 – Chicago, IL
9/14/09 – Detroit, MI
9/15/09 – Cleveland, OH
9/15/09 – Erie, PA
9/17/09 – Washington, D.C.
If you're like me and and am intrigued by the biofuel movement, go here and discover one of the best documentaries you will ever see. The film will be in wide release soon, and you owe it to yourself to seek it out and see it. From the Veggie Van to the Fuel bus to the history of this movement and film, it is a fantastic story.

And, after you read about The Fuel Film and want to help me, Scott and Team Fuel spread the word about this movie and this movement, go here and download the VVO (Veggie Van Organization) GREEN FLAG and use it as your Twitter and Facebook profile pic as I have. Add #greenflag to your posts about the environment, and when people ask you what the Green Flag is all about, send them here and get them on this bandwagon.

Your planet is already thanking you.

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