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More Dream Hangers from World of Flying Readers

2:43 PM

Oh, baby, the hits just keep on coming! Just when I think I've seen the best Dream hangar submissions, more come in that makes me smile a bit wider. This has been a fun exercise in testing the imagination of my readers, and they have passed that test with Dream Hangar lists like these:

From reader Paul Tomblin:
Spitfire, either a V or something in the XX to XXV range
de Havilland Beaver on amphibious floats
Super Cub on tundra tires
Space Ship One
White Knight (do those two count as one?)
Some sort of moto-glider, maybe a Diamond?
The flying sub from Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea
Or this jewel, which has a varied but super groovy assortment of toys and workhorses. It came in from Dean Siracusa who runs, a very cool and elegant stock photo site focusing on transportation photos, offers a list that of course includes his current Meyers 200 (shown in photo at top):
Grumman Albatross
Helio Stallion (the larger, turbine version of the Helio Courier)
The Sea Fury known as Dreadnaught
Meyers OTW bi-plane
Gulfstream G-550
A-star helicopter
Boeing C-17
Icon A5
Marchetti SF-260
Aviat Husky A-1C
And the "Dream Hangar" according to Chris Simons:
Boeing Stearman
Extra 300s /W Thunderbolt engine
Turbine DC-3 in classic TWA colors
Cessna Mustang
Shorts Tucano MK1 in digital camo
Sukhoi SU-27 in Russian Knights colors
Piper J-3 Cub
Lockheed Fairchild C-123 /w JATO
New Cessna 182T turbo
One thing this "Dream Hangar" project has shown me is that each pilot has their own idea of what is cool in the sky. While some of these lists leaned heavily towards one area such as military or vintage planes, the constant has been that each list has at least one toy (like Simons' Sukhoi SU-27) or one bizjet grande (like Siracusa's G-550) or one really out there entry such as Tomblin's "flying sub from Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea".

I will be writing my list soon.

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