Just Give Every Pilot a DC-3
and We'll All Be Good To Go!

10:43 PM

Go ahead, ask thy Twitterverse, and thy Twitterverse manifests in the affirmative.

That's what happened on Monday when I put the word out on the "street" to get some of my Tweeples to send me their "Dream Hangar" lists.

I have published my own "Dream Hangar" list each year that I've had this blog, but this year I thought that in the interest of promoting a more socially aware world, I would let the readers take over the blog and publish their top 10 lists. Most of these show the writer's favorite plane as the #1 position, however a few could not, repeat NOT, pin down a favorite.

So, without a drum roll, here are some of the best submissions:
From Mikel, a.k.a Laura Mikel Fitterman, a commercial pilot based in FL who Tweets as @mickyl, we have this great list:

AT-6 Texan
Piper L4
P-51D (of course)
Lockheed Super Constellation
Cessna 402
Stinson L5
Cessna 195
Cessna T-37
Then there's David M. Vanderhoof's list. He's with Airplanegeeks and is Plane Crazy Down Under's Historian in Residence

F-117A Stealth
YB-49 Flying Wing
Citation X
KC-130F Hercules - Blue Angels' "FAT ALBERT"!!
DC-3 In Eastern Airlines markings
Lockheed 1049 Connie TWA Markings
707-320 In PAN AM Markings
T-33A Shooting Star

Paul Pilipshen's list is one heavy on military hardware, until you get to the top, when Paul wants to go have some fun upside down:

Pitts S-2C
Pitts S-1-11B
F4U Corsair
B-25 Mitchell
PBY Catalina
P-38 Lightning
F8F Bearcat
B-29 Superfortress
F-82 Twin Mustang
F4 Phantom

Adam Fast, who is known in Twitterland as @adamcanfly and offers "Regularly Scheduled Geekery" at adamfast.com, says he actually keeps a spreadsheet for that special day when his lottery numbers hit:

Quest Kodiak
Texas Sport Cub
Extra 330L
Helio Courier
RV of some kind
Concorde (hey, you said UNLIMITED)

Grant McHerron who is @falcon124 in Twitter sent this great list, and was the only one with a rotorwing in the Dream Hangar:

Antillies Turbo Goose
Cessna Mustang
T-38 Talon
MD-500 Helicopter
Boeing BBJ
Income T65 X-Wing
Boeing Stearman
Two-seat sail plane (ike a modern version of the Blanik)

And there's this Dream Hanger from Jeremy Martin, Class of 2010, Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology:

Beechcraft model 2000 StarShip
BAC/Aerospatiale Concorde
North American P51d Mustang
Lancair IV-P
Sukhoi su26m
Terrafugia Transition
Lockheed L-049 Constellation
Rockwell STS Orbiter (Space Shuttle)
Airbus A380, configured as luxury executive transport
Antonov AN-225
And Yes, I AM glad this MIT student added the Terrafugia Transition to his list. Would have been brutal had he left that off.

Next up, I will highlight a very detailed list sent in from Kent Shook, what he calls his "Lottery Fleet". It's a great read. Finally, in part three, I'll present my Dream Hanger for 2009.

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