Submit your Top 10 Airplanes for
Dream Hangar 2009!

9:53 AM

Each year since starting this blog about 850 posts ago, I have written a "Dream Hangar" post...what would be in my stable if money were not a consideration.

This has always been one of my favorite annual writing assignments, but also one of the toughest, since it is damned hard to select ONLY 10 airplanes for my Dream Hanger.

But why should I have all the fun:
This year, I am opening it up to my readers and asking for submissions about what would be in your Dream Hangar if you could have any 10 flying machines. These can be great airplanes from aviation history, airliners, spacecraft, current GA rides, or even fantasy planes. In this Dream hangar writing assignment, there are no rules. Remember, you have endless money, so you can have them all. But I also like to force an aviator to pick just one favorite as #1 because this is always such a challenge.
O.K., you have your assignment. Please list your "Top 10" airplanes in ascending order, so that #1 is your favorite "gotta have it" ship. I've already got a few submissions through my 1,016 Twitter followers, and it is interesting that the one plane on several of the lists submitted this morning is the DC-3. Certainly would be on my list.

Please email your submissions to me here, or use the yellow "Send me Feedback" button at upper right.

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