And Now For Something Completely New:
Join Me, Fellow Airplanistas!

1:24 PM

It is a rare day when you can stump the search engines, and it's almost unheard of these days to come up with something that is not yet out there. But I've succeeded in doing just that, and you get to join in the fun:
There are pilots, and wannabe pilots, and people who go to airshows. There are people who work in the aviation industry, and even those who occasionally notice a Cessna on short final as they drive to the office. All of these groups may have varied levels of interest in aviation, but their life might not revolve around aviation and airplanes. You might call this group "aviation enthusiasts". But for those humans who wake up in the morning thinking about airplanes, read nearly every aviation magazine printed each month, spend the majority of their Internet time looking at aviation-related web sites, I am hereby coining a new name for these people, a new phrase we all should begin using: These people are "Airplanistas". If you go to the airport to hang on a fence, hang around hoping to wash an airplane or maybe get in their own plane just to go out and poke holes in clouds or enjoy the exhilaration that comes as PIC when your gear and the runway part company, you, my flying friend, are an Airplanista.
I spent time over the weekend looking up the term "Airplanista" to use in another post, and came up empty on all search engines. I used NowGoogle (a search engine aggregator site) and could not find even one time anyone on this planet besides me has used that term, zilch. [Full disclosure: I did find an abandoned domain name from several years ago, but I used Wayback Machine to determine it was never used]. I also went to Google Blogsearch and again, zero results. Think about how hard it is to do that.

And, of course, there was a Google blogsearch page (pdf) online immediately after posting showing just this post – which I believe should validate my claim to the word "Airplanista" as this term's originator.

So I immediately jumped on the domain name, without really knowing yet what I'll do with it. Maybe I'll craft a new aviation community aimed at all of us who eat, sleep, breathe and live airplanes. But what to do with this, right now:
Maybe we can form a secret society of Airplanistas, come up with a secret handshake and even an encrypted code to communicate with. We could develop the Airplanista Movement into a powerhouse lobbying group full of the best, brightest and most enthusiastic aviators in the country. Get together at Oshkosh and compare our "addicted to aviation" stories. Or not. Maybe this can just me a casual term we aviators call ourselves, sort of like the "Fashionistas" who roam the streets of Midtown Manhattan looking for the very latest Prada handbag.
Are you an Airplanista? You'll know it if you are. So join me in the fun, and somehow we can gather together every Airplanista in the land and make something happen...or at least have some fun. One thing is for sure...from here on out, anyone who uses this term to describe themselves or others should also note it came from Av8rdan, right here, right now.

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