Through Eager Eyes - The Complete Story

11:00 AM

Full of Wonder and Innocence, a Young Girl Romances the Sky

A Short Story by Dan Pimentel

(Note: This page will display all six chapters in this story as they are published. I will upload the final chapter on Wednesday, July 21 at noon - dan)

Chapter 1: Chasing Adventures | Read this Chapter

The sun was shining bright through the windshield, washing my mother's golden hair with elaborate streaks of bronze, rust and other hues from a most dramatic palette. The one single cloud I can see as the car pulls from the driveway seems almost lonely in the sea of blue that surrounds it. This day was shaping up to be full of bliss and wonder, as are all the days of my young life. That wonder, that sense of what is out there waiting for me, makes me the luckiest girl in the world. | Read this Chapter

Chapter 2: Machines That Fly | Read this Chapter

I have just been introduced to this magnificent piece of engineering masterwork known as Katy. While I do not yet know exactly what her function is, I am beginning to understand that it has something to do with flight. It's becoming increasingly clear that Katy is one of these "airplanes" that DooDah and Daddy speaks of with emotion and elation. | Read this Chapter

Chapter 3: Flight Delayed, Flight Denied? | Read this chapter

This adventure just keeps getting better and better. Now, with Katy's engine playing a new song I have never heard, I find myself listening with increasing glee to the throaty but smooth sounds reverberating throughout her cabin. Maybe this isn't the same song that angels listen to when they lay down to sleep, but to me this rumbling near the front of Katy is soothing, and makes me feel safe. | Read this chapter

Chapter 4: Wheels Up | Read this chapter

Throughout my young life, I have been waiting for this moment to arrive. The sensation of flying in a small airplane is one I shall feel today, a sense of freedom, of soaring not unlike Eagles. It will be grand. Read this chapter

Chapter 5: Fantasy Has No Restricted Airspace | Read this chapter

We float through they sky effortlessly now, and it is as if I'm indeed in Heaven, or at least closer to it now.

Above me lies a vast unknown, blue and inviting. I rejoice in the hue of the sky – it is a shade of blue that is reserved for aviators who pilot their elaborate machines above the layers of air closer to the ground that have been browned by the pollution of too many cars. | Read this chapter

Chapter 6: Wow wow wow | Read this chapter

I do not claim to be very good at navigation. I have heard terms like "north" and "south," but they mean nothing to me. But up here, floating along on Katy's wonderful wings, I can certainly sense things, and get a feel for where we were going before, and where we are going now. | Read this chapter

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