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I recently ran the EAA release outlining their DC-3/C-47 Max-Effort Day Activities on Tuesday, July 27 at Airventure. Now, here is thelasttime.org's release about their planned events in Rock Falls, Illinois, again presented verbatim:
Duluth, MN (June 7, 2010) – The Last Time plans to honor many heroes during the reunion that the group is organizing for this summer. The year 2010 marks the 75th anniversary of the first flight of the iconic Douglas DC-3 and what is likely to be last time for a large reunion of aluminum and engines with the people that saw it all.

In order to preserve the intimate nature of the festivities planned, and to ensure that all of the honored guests can attend in comfort, The Last Time plans to hold all of its reunion events at Whiteside County Airport, in Rock Falls, Illinois, on July 23-26. The four-day reunion activities are open to the public, and general aviation aircraft parking and camping are available as well.

All DC-3 aircraft will be parked together, and events include aircraft tours, public rides, free media rides, demonstrations, entertainment and music, extensive hangar flying and storytelling by all those invited to share the DC-3 experience—and a mass formation fly-by sure to be a record-setting event. The mass formation flight will launch from Whiteside County Airport on the afternoon of Monday, July 26.

The Douglas DC-2 will be on hand to represent one of the last two flying examples of the airplane, one that flew The Lindbergh Line for Trans World Airlines (TWA) with the encouragement of no less than Charles A. Lindbergh. “It is a great honor for me to participate in the events and the DC-3 gathering planned for the Sterling-Rock Falls airport. Such a gathering in this day and age is extremely difficult to orchestrate and has all the markings of being one of the most unique and historical aviation events ever,” says Erik Lindbergh, grandson of Charles Lindbergh.

Among the numerous honored guests who plan to attend The Last Time activities is Bernice “Bee” Haydu, a member of the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP) who flew the C-47 during World War II. Haydu was one of many WASP who were charged with ferrying aircraft or serving as transport pilots to support the war effort. Another hero planning to attend will be Paul Poberezny, founder of the Experimental Aircraft Association in 1953 and lifelong promoter of homebuilt aircraft. Poberezny has more than 6,700 hours in the C-47 and retired from the Air Force with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

The Last Time is an organization created for the sole purpose of reuniting flying examples of the Douglas DC-3 and the people associated with them, for one last time. For more information regarding this exciting event, please visit www.thelastime.org. Those individuals planning to attend should register at the interactive “Virtual Reunion Board” here.

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