Why My Words Have Been [Mostly] AWOL From World of Flying

10:11 PM

Recently, I discovered that I could order eBooks of my blog posts from a site called blog2print. When I tried to order a PDF of my complete body of work from World of Flying, I think their system crashed (not really) when it found out my first blog post on here was 12.12.05!

So I ordered the first volume – a year's worth of posts – and will someday publish them to paper because for some reason, my legacy as a writer doesn't carry the same amount of sway when the entire collection is in digital form only. Call me a dinosaur, but real books feel more legit when their words are delivered...on paper.

As I skim this first volume, I realized I have been pretty dependable as a frequent poster. Lots of the material has been "ripped from the headlines" as they say, while a good bit of it is just my signature crapola that somehow travels down my arms and escapes my brain through my fingertips.

But recently, my loyal readership might have noticed somewhat diminished productivity from here inside the DanoDome. So I write this tonight to clue everyone in on what is going on. First, some backstory:

I've been a paid professional writer since 1979, and while I will never get rich at this trade if "rich" is measured only in dollars, I am William Buffet if my wealth is measured in terms of sense of accomplishment. I've written everything you can imagine for every conceivable kind of publication, using a gift that allows me to somehow line up words on a page in a particular order to tell a story in a way that makes my readers smile. Of all this body of work, my favorite assignment has been this blog.
As anyone who attempts to keep a blog fresh knows, keeping a blog fresh takes enormous effort. But if you think my less than frequent blogging is due to lack of interest, you would be wrong:
I have been posting less to free up time to write another project for World of Flying, a short story that when finished will be presented here one chapter a week over the course of maybe 10 weeks. Most likely, I'll publish each new chapter on Fridays to allow readers to find consumption time over their weekend. Once the whole saga hits the streets, the plan is to offer the work as a self-published book – yes, on paper – for sale on a yet-to-be-determined site. But with limited time to write outside of the time required to wear a large number of hats as an aviation ad agency owner, finding the time to write random blog posts while writing a 10,000-word work is just not possible.
While I cannot tell you what the topic of this story is, you can bet it involves flying machines..but it also includes kids, or should I say, one special little girl. And I promise that if you show up every week for each new chapter, you will not be disappointed.

So keep an eye on World of Flying, and show up now and again to check in and see what's new. I'm still a few weeks out from launching this "mini-series" short story, and in the mean time, expect more of my regular programming and more guest bloggers.

Thank you for staying with me for nearly five years. With your support, my flying friends, we can make it five more, and five more after that. Oh, and if I ever retire, you can expect this scribe to be a full-time writer, this I guarantee. That's because there is at least a dozen works of fiction dancing around between my ears at any given moment. I just need the time to let them work their way onto the page.

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