The First Issue of Airplanista is Out Now!

12:36 AM

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It is with great pleasure that I unleash this new publication on the aviation world.

Creativity is both a blessing, and a curse. Those of us with the gift to create know that without an outlet to apply the endless ideas that flow from our right brains, we will go crazy.

I’ve published a blog called World of Flying since 2005, which provided a space where I could present my writing. But the blog reached a growth plateau, and as I looked towards starting my sixth year using a “blog” as my venue, not publishing my work wasn’t an option because the words would build up inside my head, yearning to be set free. There had to be a different medium to present my work, along with the work of other aviation writers and photographers. This first issue of Airplanista Magazine is that medium, a free, new media publication that we hope you will share with friends and colleagues on Twitter and Facebook or by email.

There will be many new readers who have not read my former blog, and won’t know who I am, or how I got to this point in my long career. So let me fill in some blanks, beginning in 1974:

In my senior year of high school, I entered a Vocational Program to study electronics. When I learned there would be math involved, I strolled next door to the “Reprographics” Program. I guess it was the acrid aroma of plate wash, or the smell of the ink on the two-color press that launched a career that has taken me on a thoroughly enjoyable upward journey as a writer, photographer, graphic designer and layout artist for 36 years. Today, I am President of Celeste/Daniels Advertising and Design, Inc., a full-service creative agency I’ve grown for 12 years with my partner, Julie Celeste.
This new publication has been created to present talented contributors who have something to add to the conversation we call the aviation community. These could be seasoned writers/photographers with names you recognize, or fresh faces you aren’t currently seeing in the major aviation print magazines. You’ll find stunning examples of their work in this first issue, such as the descriptive storytelling of author Nathan Carriker and the gorgeous imagery of aviation photographer Chris Batcheller.

We at Airplanista Magazine are very glad you’ve landed here! In the coming months, we’ll continue to provide you with quality content so you won’t want to miss an issue. We hope you’ll share this new endeavor with friends using the links throughout the magazine. To be sure you receive your free subscription, just click here!

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