If you’re coming to Oshkosh, get ready for
Airplanista Magazine’s new #Tweeplechase game

3:03 PM

Airplanista Magazine, a popular new media, online publication, is launching a fun game for three days during EAA Airventure Oshkosh. Called #Tweeplechase, this new event will lead players on a clue-by-clue hunt to win prizes as they follow the #tweeplechase hashtag on Twitter. The game is scheduled to be played Thursday, July 28th, Friday, July 29th and Saturday, July 30th.

“If you’ve ever enjoyed the sport/game of geocaching, you’re going to LOVE #Tweeplechase,” said Airplanista Editor/Publisher Dan Pimentel. “During each day that we play the game, I’ll tweet clues to start you in the direction of the prize. And these will be good prizes too, some valued as high as $75, including AvPads from P.i.C Supplies, copies of Dan Linehan’s new book on Burt Rutan, and a $75 gift certificate from @GirlsWithWings! I’ll continue to tweet clues taking you closer to that prize, and the first reader to put the clues together and find the prize envelope wins that Tweeplechase’s prize. And there will be multiple prizes on some days!”
A good knowledge of airplanes and the EAA show grounds will come in very handy when you play #Tweeplechase. Some clues might be cryptic and require deep thought to decipher, while others will be spot-on requiring you to be ready to find the prize instantly. “We anticipate that many tweeps will re-tweet the clues to their followers so more people in the aviation family can join in the fun as they try to figure out what the clues mean and where they need to go.” Pimentel said. “I think everyone will love this game, it’ll be great fun to play along as you travel around the show grounds. It is also a way to bring awareness to my magazine’s generous sponsors and partners who are making these prizes possible.”

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