Featured Writer - Adam Fast

8:29 PM

Adam Fast | @adamcanfly

Adam Fast is a private pilot living in Lawrence, KS. A geek in the truest sense of the word, he writes web software to pay for flight hours and in his free time experiments with software projects, amateur
radio and covering topics of geekiness on “Regularly Scheduled Geekery”, found at adamfast.com. He flies a Piper Archer II and Cherokee 180 with The Joplin Flyers, Inc. based at KJLN.

Adam's Featured Posts:

A Rare Opportunity to Get Up Close with an F-22 Raptor
Go inside Lockheed Martin for a look at one of our most spectacular fighters.

Discovery’s Last Ride
An historic era in U.S. space exploration is coming to an end.

STS-135 - NASA’s shuttle era comes to an end

The launch of Atlantis marks the conclusion of NASA's Shuttle Program.

Adam Fast - NASA Report: Uncertain Space Times

The worst fears of space geeks seem to be coming to fruition less than three months since final wheel stop on Shuttle.

Adam Fast's NASA Report: The future of space travel without NASA’s shuttles

As we enter a post-Shuttle era, a great deal of uncertainty remains about what the United States will do for its spacefaring future.

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