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Dan Pimentel | @airplanista

Dan is the Editor and Founder of the Airplanista Aviation Blog, which has been his online home since 2005 when he began publishing his sometimes serious, sometimes humorous, always unpredictable writing under the the pen name Av8rdan. He’s been a professional writer, photographer and graphic designer in various capacities since 1979, and thrives on the buzz that surrounds the printing and creative design trades as President and Art Director of his creative studio/ad agency, Celeste/Daniels Advertising and Design, Inc.,

based in Eugene, Oregon. When not pounding away on his Macbook Pro or iPad, he can be found in the left seat of his Piper Cherokee 235 airplane. As a journalist, his feature articles and news/sports photos have been published in numerous national and regional publications including AOPA Pilot Magazine, and because of skills learned as an advanced member of Toastmasters International, he’s been a frequent speaker at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh.

Dan's Featured Posts:

Hidden Treasures in Your Own Backyard
Find those abandoned airfields in your area...great fun with aviation history. Caution, could become addicting.

What has it been like to be the owner of the 26th Cherokee 235 to roll out of Piper's Vero Beach factory way back in 1963?

Undercover Report: Santa's Flying Sleigh: How Miracles Really Happen
Airplanista goes deep inside Santa's Sleigh Hangar at NORPOLE to investigate exactly how he manages to deliver 1,458,569,208 all in one night.

Here's My Version of Airplane Heaven...What's Yours?
Just what is it like behind those Pearly Gates in Airplane Heaven? And what it's like in Airplane Hell? Find out here.

A Quest to Achieve the Highest Darwin Award
Really, what could possibly go wrong with a Lawn Chair flight...over Iraq?

Some Pilots Rock Their Wings, This Pilot Rocks the House!

Interview with Zepparella's Gretchen Menn

Playing with the Big Dogs
A new IFR stick goes into busy Los Angeles, CA's Class Bravo for the first time

Meet a Motivated Young Airplanista
Interview with Amy Jens Hansen, the Next Generation of Pilots

EAA Young Eagles - Producing our Future Aviators
An in-depth look at EAA's highly successful program to encourage kids to get exciting about flying

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