A Decision Has Been Made to Cease Publication

6:49 PM

By Dan Pimentel,
Airplanista Magazine Editor/Founder

After 14 months of producing Airplanista Magazine’s online monthly edition, and with plenty of reflection, it has been decided that the continued production of the magazine will be impossible at this time.

My day job as President and Art Director of Celeste Daniels Advertising and Design, Inc. took a positive step forward recently when we picked up another large performing arts client, one that will demand more of my attention going forward into 2012 and beyond. With this new work, I will no longer have the 100 to 120 hours per month required to produce a magazine that while fun to create, generated insufficient income.

I want to personally thank each and every contributor who supplied their art and their words each month to support Airplanista Magazine’s mission of strengthening the general aviation community. It's my belief that as a team, we produced a very nice magazine that brought our readers something enjoyable in their inbox each month.

For those of you who enjoy my writing, I'll still be publishing more of my signature "sometimes serious, sometimes humorous, always unpredictable" material on the Airplanista Aviation Blog. Yes, it IS the blog you are presently reading, so go ahead and bookmark this blog by using the SHARETHIS button below:
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We will also present the writing of some Featured Writers, many of which have been previously published in our online monthly editions.

The takeaway: I've been a successful freelance writer through parts of five decades, and I'm not going away. While this post might look to some like an end, to me, it feels more like a beginning. I hope to leverage the contacts I've made these last 14 months to seek out a few quality writing projects that I believe will make a difference in our GA world. I still have plenty to give back to our aviation family, and with my words, I still have work to do, things to say, and with a little luck, lives to change.

I thank you for the opportunity to present Airplanista Magazine to you, and hope you enjoyed the ride.

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