Invest :60 seconds to Help AIN Report on a Vital Topic

11:37 AM

I have made the point many times that quite possibly the finest news source for monthly aviation news is Aviation International News (AIN). While other more frequent publications like General Aviation News and Pacific Flyer have GA issues covered very well, and while AOPA Pilot Magazine succeeds in raising the bar each month for glossy aviation magazines, nobody reports aviation in-depth like AIN. Their reporting on all elements of our aviation world is stellar, and one of those reporters who seems to consistently crank out much of this fascinating content is AIN's Matt Thurber.

Recently, Thurber posted a quick survey online and I am asking my readers to quickly go here and help Thurber and AIN by taking one minute to participate. Thurber made this really easy for you by having everything on one quick page. It is short, concise, and will provide vital input on an important topic.

AIN's Pilot Training and Professionalism Survey has just five questions, so please drop what you are doing right now and invest sixty seconds in helping this reporter obtain some info for a future piece.

If you have questions, feel free to contact Thurber via email here.

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