Prolific Flight Attendants Very Much a Part of Our Aviation Family

10:39 PM

By Dan Pimentel
Airplanista Blog Editor

It is quite easy during the first few minutes of a commercial airline flight to all but ignore the Flight Attendants (FAs) asking you – nicely – to take your seat and stow your stuff. We spend the next few moments avoiding the safety briefing, cocky as we are, thinking we already know how to fasten a seat belt, what more do they need to tell us anyway? Oh yeah, the exits, yada yada, flotation devices blah blah.

But try as we do to ignore FAs, funny how we travelers will quickly push that call button the second we need something. Soda not cold enough? Push the yellow button. Pretzels just a tad too stale? Yep...yellow button.

FAs get nowhere near the respect they deserve. They are a vital, highly-trained member of every flight's crew, and I can assure you, when the call goes out that an emergency is on board, any FA on any carrier will know what to do.

The lives these people lead are interesting at best, and chaotic at worst. If it possible for them to enjoy a somewhat normal life with family, home and hobbies, but they spend many nights alone in a crash pad or hotel room with time to kill. How FAs fill that time varies, but two that I know pull out their laptops and write really fantastic blogs and books.

I was prompted to write this post after seeing the new re-design of The Flying Pinto blog, written by Sara Keagle (Pinto). Here, you will this sort of enjoyable material:
The Crazy Things Passengers Say to Flight Attendants
Drunks on a Plane: The Top 10 Hottest Messes at 35,000FT
Top Ten Gross Things Flight Attendants Have Seen

Flight Attendant Careers: Gay vs Straight

My Favorite (Kids Travel) Things

Ask the Flight Attendant: Flight Attendant Salaries

The Ten Types of Annoying Passengers, According to a Flight Attendant

Do Passengers Really Hate Us: A Parody
Flight Attendant Hazing
Sara's blog is hip, upbeat, colorful, and reads very well. It's a very good example of how we bloggers do it right as she keeps it lively, fresh and relevant. How she does this on the go with a career and family at home is just shy of a modern technomiracle.

Another FA that writes a very good blog (and upcoming book) is Heather Poole. Her Another Flight Attendant Writing About Flying blog has almost endless content, all which pulls back the curtain on her life as an FA.

Some top posts from Poole's blog:
How much do flight attendants get paid?Crew Confessions
Flight attendant buddy passes - do you REALLLY want one?
Height, weight and age requirements for flight attendants (and why Christina Ricci could never be a Pan Am stewardess)
Gifts for flight attendants - and travelers!
Why are so many flight attendants gay? A straight point of view...
Luggage Review: Club Glove Flight Crew Set
5 tips for traveling with a wedding dress
Two aviation bloggers, Benet Wilson, left,
and Jon Ostrower shown "Laviating" in the Lav
of a Gulfstream once owned by Oprah Winfrey.
If you know of the phenomenon know as Laviating then you've been to Heather's site. Here you'll find numerous self-portraits of people taken in Lavs around the globe.

Poole is also an author with a high-profile book coming in March, 2012. Cruising Attitude: Tales of Crashpads, Crew Drama, and Crazy Passengers at 35,000 Feet is sure to be a great read, written by someone who knows how to write well and has been there and done that. This is what has to say about Poole's upcoming book:

Real-life flight attendant Heather Poole has written a charming and funny insider’s account of life and work in the not-always-friendly skies. Cruising Attitude is a Coffee, Tea, or Me? for the 21st century, as the author parlays her fifteen years of flight experience into a delightful account of crazy airline passengers and crew drama, of overcrowded crashpads in “Crew Gardens” Queens and finding love at 35,000 feet. The popular author of “Galley Gossip,” a weekly column for AOL’s award-winning travel website, Poole not only shares great stories, but also explains the ins and outs of flying, as seen from the flight attendant’s jump seat.
These are just two of the MANY Flight Attendants who write about their profession. You might be served by one of them on your next commercial flight. So you are hereby warned that if you choose to do something stupid, irresponsible, crazy, whack, or flagrantly stoopid on board a scheduled flight, the chances are higher than you realize that the smiling person in the uniform asking you politely to STFU and take your seat might well be taking notes for their next blog post.

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