Airplanista’s #Avwords meme is proof that the aviation community on Twitter has plenty of creative souls on board

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Yesterday I sort of accidentally launched a fun little word game on Twitter called #AVWORDS, where Tweeps would change one letter of a known aviation word, write a new [hopefully funny] definition of the new word, and then tweet it for all the world to see. I literally came up with the idea in minutes, and threw a few of these #AVWORDS on Twitter for my 3,718 followers to enjoy.

Little did I know this “meme” would take off like a Lancair Evolution. In just a few hours on Wednesday night, the twitstream for this game exploded as more and more tweeps came up with really creative new #AVWORDS. You can read a few of my favorites here.

So I had no idea what to expect the next full day of the game. Twitter is a fairly unpredictable communication tool, you never really know who is out there reading your stuff. After a really slow start, I was about ready to pack it in and call this thing a fluke. But about noon Pacific time, all hell broke loose, and tweeple began tweeting #AVWORDS a mile a minute.

This whole thing clearly demonstrates the power of Twitter as a way to reach out and make something happen within a niche. I have no idea how long this will last, as shelf life for anything popular on Twitter is pretty short. But for now, let’s bring the aviation family together a little tighter with more fun with words. I am not giving away prizes per se, but if this continues, I might have to. Some of these are priceless – classic #AVWORDS sure to give anyone who reads them a guaranteed chuckle.

Below are just a sampling of my favorites from Thursday 8/2:

BEECH MOUSEKETEER: Disney-sponsored Young Eagle aircraft.

NUN-MOVEMENT AREA: Passenger terminal at Vatican City airport.

HOLD-SHORTS: Command to pilot whose belt is inadequate to maintain adequate pants suspension.

VAPOR LOCH: When flying too low over the swamp leads you to IMC.

FIRST CRASS MEDICAL: When the AME makes inappropriate jokes during your physical.

PRACTICE ARIA: A flight attendant rehearsing before singing to pax on the overhead.

DUEL SELECTOR: Argumentative geezers at the FBO trying to stir up a disagreement for their own entertainment.

MACROBURST: Large, obvious weather phenomena that are somehow overlooked by certain pilots.

FOWLED FLAPS: The result when a bird strikes the inboard trailing edge of the wing.

GROUND LOOT: freebies from the FBO.

FOLDING PATTERN: The fancy napkin patterns for first-class pax.

COWL FLOPS: Oil streaks decorating the sides of a plane with a radial engine.

CONTRACT APPROACH: Visual approach flown by RJ pilots in a rush.

FRIGHT FOLLOWING: Flying in the wake turbulence behind a Heavy.

ERECTOR SEAT: Hastily improvised repairs to the pilot's seat.

PROP DUSTING: Doing engine run-up in a manner that blows FOD and dust back onto the ramp

ASYMMETRIC TRUST: Aircraft partnership where one partner has much higher stake. OR: disparity in trust between CFI and student.

MOWING MAP: Diagram for airport groundskeepers.

SEABEA: Elderly aunt who lectures endlessly about the hazards of floatplane flying.

GRUMMAN GOOSH: The noise made when a heavy seaplane beaches.


BEECHDRAFT: Formation flying with a Duchess.

FAIRPORTS: Airports without landing fees.

TRYMOTOR: The name of Ford's flying car concept.

BOISE ABATEMENT: Policies intended to placate Idaho's nature-lovers.

GLIDENOPE: ILS missed approach procedures.

‏ATOMATOBLAMES: Post-stagecheck arguments with your CFI about the helpfulness of pneumonic devices.

AILEROT: Deterioration of critical control surface.

ULTIMETER: Glass panel display that shows information about everything, everywhere.

BOWLER FLAPS: Failed hat design feature - they kept flying off people's heads.

OFF-AIRPORT LENDING: When the FBO gives you a crew car to find a Wendy's downtown.

BAR/AIM: Comprehensive list of bars near the local FBO.

SARATOKA: A 6 seat Piper used for marijuana running.

FINAL APPROACH PIX: Quickly snapping one last photo before landing.

OUTER BARKER: A poorly behaved dog who sits outside of an airplane hanger.

BATCOM: Special radio that allows pilots to talk to the caped crusader.

SPRUCE MOOSE: Canada's early attempt at a large cargo plane. Project halted with discovery that moose can't fly.

406 BLT SYSTEM: Delivers sandwiches to hungry pilots with much greater accuracy than the previous BLT SYSTEM.

RE-ICING: procedure carried out in order to find an excuse for not flying.

SUN N PUN: the funniest fly-in ever!

PIPER PUB: the preferred drinking spot for GA pilots.

PIPER TUB: small airplane known for having awful flying characteristics.

AIRDENTURE: the biggest dentists airshow, only airplanes with fake parts admitted.

STABBERWING: unreliable airplane that tries to kill unsuspecting pilots.

SOXATA: French airplane maker especially loved by baseball fans.

OVERSHOUTING: screaming will not make you land shorter.

FILTHROTOR: a part airplane-part helicopter extremely dirty flying machine.

ATCNO: air traffic controllers always unable to approve your request.

SUCKSHOI: one of the worst airplane maker in the world.

AIRFUSS: airline airplanes maker that is a bit too nervous.

BANGAR PARTY: What you call it when a group of pilots in the UK gets together to eat sausages and mash.

NOTJETS: A fractional jet card outfit that flies nothing but old Piper Apaches.

BLOATPLANE: A big, slow, bloated, complicated, undependable airplane made by Microsoft.

$100 HAMBURGLER: A pilot who runs out of the airport cafe without paying his bill.

FOODYEAR BLIMP: An iconic and gigantic balloon filled with steaks, Twinkies, organic tofu and brats.

SLABILATOR: A device on the back end of a Piper Cherokee that keeps the pilot from ending up on a slab down at the morgue.

TURD & BANK INDICATOR: An instrument showing the balance of your bank account after buying MORE parts for your turdwagon airplane.

UNICOD: A radio frequency typically used by Coast Guard helicopters to receive emergency distress calls from sinking fish.

HORTAC: A radio navigation aid to allow direct routing to the nearest whore house.

FAIRY FLIGHT: The act of transporting Tinkerbell's unairworthy airplane from Neverland to the nearest FBO for repair.

BURBOCHARGER: A really fast airplane you can use to strafe your friend's SUV out in the 'burbs.

DRUNKENHEIMER VALVE: A manual drain placed handily in a pilot's pants to evacuate used beer prior to flight.

ABGAS: That bloated feeling you get in your stomach when you have eaten too much Chili Verde.

GEN. CHUCK JEAGER: "He's got 'da moves like Jeaga', he got da' moves like Jeaga'..."

HELD-SHORT LINE: An imaginary line in the men's restroom a few inches in front of a urinal.

BAMBARDIER: A CRj100 regional jet that strikes the jetway on taxi out.

OSHPOSH: An air show with VIP suites, champagne flowing at every booth, and trains of Bentleys for tram service.

AOPD: An aviation organization that serves GA pilots with chronic breathing problems.

PLANESNOTTING: Trying to fly a GA airplane when your allergies are causing a seriously runny nose.

FOREFRIGHT: What happens when your iPad goes dark while on final IFR approach in IMC.

FLIGHT FLAN: A tasty dessert served on all Aeromexico routes.

BAWKER: A large business jet made my HBC in Wichita that simply refuses to accelerate for takeoff.

CORVALLIS: A composite 4 pax ship from Cessna with the name spelled correctly.

LITABRIA: A small, fabric covered aerobatic airplane with an engine fire.

PEARJET: A sleek twin-engine turbine ship loaded with crates of D'Anjous.

MIRRUS: A new SR-22 model from Duluth that is covered in polished aluminum so shiny you can see yourself clearly.

PIPER NAVAHO: A flying brothel used exclusively by the Mile High Club.

SPYLANE: A Cessna 182 used for black ops over any country with a name that ends in -STAN. 

CHEROPEE: A popular low-wing GA airplane full of people who drank WAY too much coffee.

CREAMLINER: Boeing's latest passenger jet that creates a more soothing ride when filled with 2,000 gals. of whipping cream.

FILATUS: A PC-12 loaded with too many souls and suitcases.

BEACHCRAFT: Any Husky A1-C you land on the sand to go play in the waves.

POONEY: A M20 with a really crappy engine.

CUSSNA: A really undependable Skyhawk that is forever causing its owner to utter four letter words.

AIRSPICE: A kind of deodorizer used in small aircraft to remove the smell of to many airport cafe burritos.

TRAVITY: The occurrence of pulling your tray table down to your knees when using an old, heavy, antique laptop.

JAVATORY: A small room in the back of an airliner where you can relive yourself while getting a latté.

NAGIGATION: What your wife (or husband) does from the right seat.

TURBOPROD: A high-powered device burning Jet-A that allows a cowboy to seriously blast the southbound end of a northbound cow.

LAGNETO: When one half of your electrical system fails to provide timely output of power to the spark plugs.

COMPISS: The liquid that drips out of your old whiskey compass down your panel when it springs a leak.

RUNAWAY- what smart pilots (like @burnsidej ) do when approaching severe weather!

HAIRCRAFT: a situation when, on a long flight, the pilots get bored and sculpt each other's hair.

Stay tuned, this meme is far from over...

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